Find Kyle!


Season 15 of the Splat! show is underway but why haven’t we yet seen our official model for this season, Kyle? That’s a very good question.

We are asking for help in our search for Kyle. We want to bring him to the Splat! Show Courts of Gunge Justice and face punishment for missing the start of his starring season.

We have been notified that five mug shots taken from Kyle’s season 14 shows have been placed around the site by Kyle himself! Kyle states that if enough people locate them and then email their locations to us via email he will face justice in the Gunge Court.

Find Kyle and help bring him to the Gunge Courts of Justice!

The Rules:

Email the locations of the five mug shots below to

We will reply and tell you if you are correct.

If you are correct we will send you a special, small bonus for completing the task!

[The Boring Stuff: This is a bit of fun. Kyle has not dropped out of the season]

Thanks to everyone who took part in this hunt.


Kyle will face Gunky Justice in court on April 9th!

You can still participate in the hunt to get the reward.