The Gunge Tank VOTE

Who goes in? You decide!


Benji, Jordan and Mark Anthony Face Off!

The Gunge Tank Vote is back for the final few shoots for season 15 and has a new home! The Gunge Tank Votes are now exclusive to Splat! Fan Club members. Only Fan Club members can vote and watch the Gunge Tank Votes.

The current vote is another three way header between Benji, Jordan and Mark Anthony. The model with the most votes gets the dreaded cold and smelly Gunging, second place gets the custard pie overload and the model in last place has to face the Gunge Tank Escape! Question is, who gets what? YOU DECIDE!

BENJI                                             MARK                                           JORDAN


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Terms and Conditions

To vote in the Gunge Tank Vote you need to be a member of The Splat! Fan Club.

The video of the results will be posted on The Splat! Fan Club for members to view.

Who’s gonna be joining these guys!?