The Gunge Tank VOTE

Who goes in? You decide!


The Gunge Tank Vote is back for season 16 and this time it’s grosser than ever! This season the Gunge Tank features the “Slops”, a mix of gunge, beans and porridge. The rules are the same, the guest with the most votes gets the “Slops”. Let’s take a look at who’s next!

The second season 16 Gunge Tank vote see reality TV star Connor go up against model and Gunge fan Alex! Does Connor deserve to be covered in the slops or do you want to send a Gunge fan into the tank for a messing even he might hate? As always, YOU DECIDE!

Votes close midnight 27th Jan. Votes cost £5.50. Vote links will transform into video purchase links after midnight 27th Jan. You cannot alter the vote after midnight Jan 27th. Vote exclusive. Purchase links will be removed anytime after 6th Feb. Price increases to £7.50 after Connor’s shoot wraps production. Purchase links will be removed anytime after 6th February.