The Gunge Tank VOTE

Who goes in? You decide!


It’s another three way battle!

Later this month we will be shooting our final Jon and Friends special with Fitgeek and Jon and we are also shooting with brand new model Josh! We are running a Gunge Tank Vote where you get to decide who gets the classic cold and smelly gunging in the Gunge Tank!

The model with the most votes gets the cold and smelly gunge, the model in second place will have to face the pies and the model in last place will have to play the Great Gunge Tank Escape!

Who goes in? As always, YOU decide!


Rules. Voting is done via Twitter. Please only vote once if you have more than one Twitter account.


There is a LIVE pass available covering both Josh’s shoot and the Jon and Friends shoot with FitGeek. Find out more here  

Who’s gonna be joining these guys!?