The Gunge Tank VOTE

Who goes in? You decide!


Ash Vs Kyle: Gunge Justice is coming...

Since season 14 we have been running the Gunge Tank vote where one model get’s a cold and smelly Gunging. Two of our legacy models, Ash and Kyle have escaped the cold and smelly gunk in previous votes. Now it’s time to seal their fate and send either Ash or Kyle into the smelly tank for a cold surprise they won’t ever forget!

Who goes in? As always, YOU decide!

HOW TO VOTE. Voting is free and is done via Twitter!


The model with the most votes when the poll closes will be sent to the Gunge Tank by popular vote and get the cold and smelly gunk.

The results video, priced at £5.50 will then be made available for a limited time to download.

Let’s take a look at the previous models YOU voted for the cold and smelly treatment...