Splat! Show Private Sessions

Book a private session with the Gunge Tank Today!

We are now taking bookings for private sessions for 2018! - Make 2018 the year you come and star in your own Private Splat! Show!

Tell me more about Private Sessions...

Private sessions are ideal for people who want to appear on the Splat! Show but do not want their material to be released on the website. Private sessions are just that, private.

Private Sessions Questions and Answers

What is included in a private session?

Private sessions follow the same plan as a regular shoot. Five messy games with the Gunge Tank. We will record the private session and you will be sent a copy of the show. After we send you the footage we will delete our copy if it.

Who will be at a private shoot?

Pete will be the only person at the private shoots. Pete runs the Splat! Shoots now and there will be no one else present (unless you want a model, more below).

What will I wear at the shoots?

That is really up to you, you can wear our clothes or bring your own.

How much does a private shoot cost?

The cost of a private shoot is £500. This includes everything.

How do I pay for a private shoot?

We cannot accept PayPal for private shoot payments. It can only be done  via a bank transfer. You will be given detailed instructions once you book your date. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF BOOKING.

Is the Gunge Tank at the private shoots?

Yes the new Gunge Tank is used at the private shoots.

What dates can we book for a private shoot? - SUNDAYS NOW AVAILABLE

We can do Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. When you contact us regarding a private shoot we can discuss the date best for you.

Can I have a model at the shoot with me?

This is possible but you will need to pay for the model’s fee which is £250 extra. A few of our models might want to do this. This can be discussed in further detail.

Want to book a private shoot with the Gunge Tank?

Please email us at SplatHQ@gmail.com for details

NO TIME WASTERS AND REFUNDS. Please only contact us about a private shoot if you are serious about booking one. We welcome questions but we will not tolerate time wasters. Please note that payments for bookings cannot be refunded, this is to ensure that people are serious about booking a session.