Season 15

Available Season 15 Feature Length Shows...

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s15 Launch: Boyfriend Vs Boyfriend

Season 14 star Benji brings his Boyfriend Jordon on to the Splat! Show for a show we have wanted to shoot since the  inception of the Splat! Show

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s15 Launch: Mr and Mr 

Benji and his partner go head to head to see who knows the most about each other. The partner with who knows the least will get Gunged in the Gunge Tank!

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Tom’s Gunge Tank Vote

It was Aiden Vs Tom in the this Gunge Tank vote. Tom was voted into the Gunge Tank for a cold and smelly Gunging. Watch it here!

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Marc and Brett - Splat! News

In this two for one video special, Marc and Brett take up the challenge of presenting the Splat! News and weather while getting messy! 

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Jon and Friends: Brett

In our first special Jon and Friends Show Jon brings along friend and ex-housemate Brett onto the Splat! Show. 

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Aiden’s Football Sludge Match

In this Splat! Special limited timed release, Aiden tries to trash the football kit of Chelsea, the team he hates. One of the few tames where a model actively tries to get gunged!

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Red Nose Day 2017 Special 

We support this years Comic Relief with a three way Gunge Tank vote between Splat! Legacy models Ash, Kyle and Jon. Who will get voted into the Gunge Tank for a green snot Red Nose Day Gunging?

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Tanking Tom

New model Tom faces the Gunge Tank in his debut Splat! Show! Check out professional dancer and stage actor Tom on the show today!

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Jon and Kyle: Gunge Models

Jon and Kyle star in our biggest season 15 show to date featuring the hand over of the model of the year, head to head games in the tank and the return of Gunge wrestling!

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Adam: Colour Purple

Adam makes his annual trip to Splat! HQ for a season 15 show filled with many purple Gungings and Adam takes on the Splat! Rack!

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Special: Tom’s Showbiz Splat!

In this Splat! Special release, Tom is tested on his showbiz knowledge. Tom faces the Gunge Blasters, wired pies and Gunge throws!

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Gunge It Lile Aiden 

Season 15 break out star and David Beckham lookalike takes on the Gunge Tank in his first season 15 feature show! 

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Jon’s Retrospective Special 

Jon leaves his friends at home and takes on his first solo Splat! Show in season 15. Will Jon’s messy past save him from the mess? 

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Danny Racer Special 

Celebrity Racing driver Danny Watts appears on the Splat! Show in this feature length special. He is the first celebrity to appear on the Splat! Show 

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Available Season 15 Splat! Special Shows...

Gunge Tank Votes, Specials and more mini shows!

Aiden’s Gunge Tank Vote 

It was Aiden Vs Tom in the this Gunge Tank vote. Aiden escaped the cold and smelly gunge but had to face an onslaught of messy custard pies! Watch today!

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S! Special: Jason’s News 

Here is your first chance to see Jason in this Splat! Special Messy Splat! News Weather Report! 

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GT Vote: Kyle Vs Ash 

Who’s gonna get the cold and smelly gunge? Ash or Kyle! Watch the results video today. 

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Jon and Friends 2: James 

In the second Jon and Friends special Jon is joined by James. Will Jon do as well as he did in the first show to avoid the gunge or will he trip up? Find out! 
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Kyle Vs Ash

Ash partners up with Kyle for his first double header shoot. Who will come out on top? 
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Jason’s Splat! Show 

Our mid-season special stars brand new and breakout Splat! Show star Jason. A show filled with fantastic Gungings and so much more! You cannot miss this one.
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Ash: The Cheater! 

Ash cheated during the Gunge Tank Escape game from the Kyle Vs Ash Gunge Tank Vote. In this video you get to see that and justice being served when Ash is found out!

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Jon and Friends 3: The Finale

The third and final Jon and Friends special features James, who won a online vote to come onto the show and go against Jon. We saved the best till last! 
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Joyful Josh 

New face alert! Josh stars in this wonderful show featuring  great gungings and more. Josh was a total dream to work with and made this show one of the best of the season.
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Guilliano’s Gunker

Hunky Guilliano stars in his Splat! Show featuring crazy games such as Gungy Pants and more! 
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Toby’s Surprise 

We invited Toby down to Splat! HQ after he came second in the Jon and Friends vote. We gave hm the cold and smelly Gunge treatment! 

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Toby’s Two Tanks

Toby’s final ever Splat! Show videos features two (well three really) great gungings in the Tank. Remember where you saw Toby first, yep on The Splat! Show.

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Friends Get Thier Own Back 

Jon gets the biggest single Gunging of season 15 so far after finishing production of his mini series. 

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Jason’s Sloppy Showcase

Jason, the breakout star of the season returns to the Splat! Show for a very different Splat! Show experience in Jason’s Sloppy Showcase.
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Ash’s s15 Splatter!

Our very own Gunge Tank builder Ash takes on the Gunge Tank for his solo s15 show.
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Jack The Lad

New lad Jack gets the Splat! Show treatment at the hands of his Girlfriend Tia who enjoyed Gunking Jack a bit too much!
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Gaberiel’s Glorious Gungings

Gaberiel who is the friend Josh mention in his show stars in his very own Splat! Show that ranks up with the top Splat! Shows of all time!
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Stee’s Gunge Paradise 

Gunge fan Stee stars in this special show where Stee had to get questions right to get messy turning the Splat! format on it’s head. 
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James T: Centre Stage

Actor, model and dancer James finally makes his Splat! Show debut after his appearance was briefly teased at the start of the season. A fun show filled with some top Gungings!
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Season 15 Finale 

There was only one model we could wanted to star in our season finale. Jon! After gunging three friends during his Jon and Friends special it was only fitting that Jon got the finale slot! 
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