Season 15

Available Season 15 Shows...

s15 Launch: Boyfriend Vs Boyfriend

Season 14 star Benji brings his Boyfriend Jordon on to the Splat! Show for a show we have wanted to shoot since the  inception of the Splat! Show

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Unavailable Season 15 Shows...

s15 Launch: Mr and Mr 

In the first season 15 pre-shoot special. Benji and his partner go head to head to see who knows the most about each other. The partner with who knows the least will get Gunged in the Gunge Tank!

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The Gunge Tank Vote 1

In this vote, we have two videos available. Tom facing the cold and smelly Gunge and Aiden facing ten custard pies. Choose which video you want to watch today! 

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Marc and Brett - Splat! News

In this two for one video special, Marc and Brett take up the challenge of presenting the Splat! News and weather while getting messy! 

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Marc’s Messy Fate

The second feature length show from season 15 features brand new model Marc who actually has a long history with us before his messy fate caught up with him! 

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