15 Years Of The Splat! Show- A Year Long Celebration

From September 2018 to September 2019 we are celebrating our 15 anniversary in a big way. Here you will find all relevant information regarding our year long celebration. From new Splat! Show specials celebrating our 15th year (hello Celebrities, we are coming for you!) to special deals and more. Have a browse and we hope you will join us as we celebrate our anniversary milestone. 

Latest 15th Anniversary Special:

Our second 15th anniversary special is Jon’s surprise visit. After taking a break from The Splat! Show Gunge Tank Jon makes a surprise visit to Splat! H.Q. Of course we had to have him play some games in the Gunge Tank! And did we mention that this special also includes the return of The MEGA Gunging AND  also don’t forget to get your ideas in for Jon’s U Control Special. Click the image to view the show page.

Previous 15th Anniversary Specials -

Sam Callahan’s Splat! Show – Singer, songwriter and celebrity Sam Callahan takes on the Gunge Tank for our first 15th anniversary special. – CHECK IT OUT

Vault Breakout!

Our shoots are big undertakings and they don’t come cheap to produce. We help support our shoots with pre-shoot exclusives and Gunge Tank votes. These really help keep the shoots running and the site online. Without them we wouldn’t be able to produce our world famous content. Our pre-shoot exclusives and Gunge Tank votes are strictly time limited in their availability. For our 15th year we will be highlighting some of our pre-shoots exclusives and Gunge Tank votes for you to download, just in case you missed them the first time around. We will update the vault breakout regular over the course of the year long celebration.

Current Vault Breakout: Pass The Pie With Offshore!

The current Vault Breakout is one that many have requested. It’s Offshore’s pre-shoot special as they play a round of Pass The Pie! Which band member is going to lose and end up in the Gunge Tank! – Unlocked from the Splat! Vault until February 1st 2019.

Our Next 15th Anniversary Special - Shooting Jan 2019

Our next 15th anniversary special might be a bit of a surprise to a few of you. Jon has been around on Splat! for a number of years now but he took a break from The Splat! Show in summer 2018. We couldn’t celebrate our 15th anniversary without having Jon star in a special could we? Go to the event page to learn more about Jon’s special shoot for our 15th anniversary. Details coming soon!

15th Anniversary Project: Set Changes

Over the years we have had a number of different Gunge Tanks on the show. The Gunge Tank is the centre of the Splat! Show and our current one has been our most popular tank ever. But we are never ones to rest on our laurels and so we will be introducing some changes to the tank and the show set in general over our 15th anniversary year. These changes will be highlighted when they feature in the shows. W