Season 16 Index

Season 16 Finale


We bring season 16 of The Splat! Show to a close with an epic show featuring partners Angel and Joe. A mix of solo and head to head games feature in our epic season 16 finale!

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Jon’s Special Visit

Jon makes a special visit to Splat! HQ after his “break” to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Cold Gunge and a MEGA Gunging? Oh Jon!

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Sam’s Splat! Show

UK Celebrity, personality and UK singer songwriter Sam Callahan stars in our first 15h anniversary special.

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 Ivan stars in his fantastic feature show. Ivan is a real charmer and a brand new Splat! legend! 

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Brain Box Ben

Fashion model Ben takes on our Gunge Tank in his fantastic Splat! Show. How will this intelligent model cope with our Gunge Tank? 

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Filled Up Phil – Mid Season Special

Phil is a fashion model who relished the chance to take on The Gunge Tank in our mid season special. A show so special we had to make it our mid season special!

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Jamie: Gunge Therapy

Model and sportsman Jamie used his Splat! Show appearance to tell the world he is fit and healthy after suffering a serious injury. They do say Gunge can be used as therapy…

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Kyle Mix and Match

After missing out on a full length solo show last season Splat’s very own Kyle takes on old and new games in his first solo show for nearly two years. Anyone want gravy!?

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P.T Steve: Worth The Wait

 Personal trainer Steve finally makes it to The Gunge Tank and The Splat! Show after a long delay. He was certainly worth the lengthy wait! 

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Football Splat! Match: The Gunge

 Our resident football fantastic Ash gets tanked 14 times in one show after his beloved Arsenal let him down in Football Splat! Match

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Roan’s Splat! Show

Newbie Roan bravely takes on The Splat! Show Gunge Tank in his debut show. How will fun loving new model and boxer Roan take to the messy Splat! Show?

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Jon’s Homecoming

 Jon makes a return to The Splat! Show after visiting various other Gunge websites and sitting inside other Gunge Tanks. He came back to his natural home here on The Splat! Show in this fantastic Splat! Show

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Malcolm: Third Time Mucky

Malcolm makes his third and final (for now) appearance on The Splat! Show in this Splat! Show. While this is Malcolm’s third appearance on the show this marks his first time in The Gunge Tank. 

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Adam & Jon: Battle Royale

 The two titans on The Splat! Show again go head to head for a second time to settle the score. Who will become the victor and who will fail in The Gunge Tank?

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Beau’s Show 

Beau is a self styled Victorian Gentlemen. How will he find sitting in The Splat! Show Gunge Tank? Will he say goodbye to his fancy hair!? 

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Messy Easter 2018

It’s our first proper Easter special for over ten years. Kyle, the king of season specials takes on the easter themed Splat! Show. Chocolate? Yep. Easter Bunnies? A very gunged Kyle You betcha!

Sorry, not available. Season Release Only.

Not So Horrid Henry

Henry relished every moment on the show. Henry is a fun loving actor who gave the Splat! Show a good stab but sadly the Gunge Tank didn’t agree and gave this actor some lessons he won’t forget soon!

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Connor Hunter: Gunge On The Beach 

Many Splat! Show fans had been waiting a long time for reality TV star Connor Hunter to face Justice in our Gunge Tank. His crimes? He awful behaviour on Ex-On The Beach!

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The Gunge Factor

PBK (Pretty Boy Karma) swap the x-factor for the Gunge Tank as they star in our season opener spectacular! 

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