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You Plan The Show - We Will Shoot It!

We are pleased to offer a new feature along side our private experience packages, enabling you to create your own Splat! Show starring any of our Splat! Stars.

Maybe you don’t want to star in your own Splat! Show at a private experience, but maybe you want one of our Splat! Stars to feature in a show that you, yourself has planned instead. Well Splat! Custom’s are for you.

What Is Splat! Custom?

With Splat! Custom you are the producer and director. You provide us with ideas and suggestions you want to see make up The Splat! Show. We will then shoot that show for you, as close to your original vision as possible.Β 

We will do our best to match your ideas to create the custom show. You get to keep all of the footage from the shoot, in edited and un edited form.

The Costs - You Back The Shoot

Due to the different nature of the shows produced through Splat! Custom, we will not release Splat! Custom shows here on the website. They will instead be posted on The Splat! Fan Club for members to view after they have been sent to the user who ordered the Splat! Custom Show.

There is just one price for Splat! Custom Shows. Booking is Β£200.00 and you can feature up to five segments but you don’t need to plan for every segment. Your custom can just include two segments, for example if they some are bigger or more complex.

You will get to talk directly to the team producing your Custom Splat! Show and everything will be done to ensure it matches your plans as close as possible.

This price covers the booking of the Splat! Star, the gunge used and our time shooting and editing the Splat! Custom Show. If your custom includes any props or special clothing, you will need to send them to us if you want them included. We are unable to return props or clothes sent.

How To Book - Get Your Ideas Together And Choose The Star

If you would like to order a Splat! Custom Show, get planning!Β 

Before you contact us about booking a Splat! Custom Show, please get your ideas together and then contact us. We will then take it from there.

While you are thinking about your ideas and the content you would like to feature in your Custom Splat! Show, please note that none of the following content is permitted in a Splat! Custom Show.

Adult Content in the way of full body nudity, self harm or simulated harm, abusive behaviour, racial language and hate speech are not permitted.

Please also let his know which Splat! Star you would like to feature. Both Jon and Kyle are available.

We will talk to you about your ideas and then set a date for the filming.


Ready To Book?

If you want to book or enquire about booking a Custom Splat! Show, then just contact us here to start the ball rolling.

Please note that full payment must be made once we green light your Custom Splat! Show.Β 

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