Adam and Jon: Clash Of The Titans

Adam and Jon: Clash Of THE TITIANS


If you look back over the years, there are two models which have appeared on Splat! numerous times. Andy is now a well established Gungee having made his gunky debut in 2010 and has since in stared various videos and is a master at Splat! X. Jon is a relative new comer to the gunge world but he has been gunged by us more than most other models in that time. It’s now time to bring the two heavyweights together for a head to head show and something we have never done before GUNGE WRESTLING! 

This show includes:

Splat! Interview: Since it’s been over a year since we last shot with Andy we sit him our new tank to talk about what he has been up to. We discuss his personal life, modeling life and Splat! and Splat! X.

Twitter Gunge Vote: On the morning of the shoot we asked our Twitter followers who they think should get gunged in the Gunge Tank first. Jon or Andy? Who do you think they wanted to see? 

Stop the Gunge Roulette: We play a spin on the yes no game. Both Jon and Andy take it in turns on the Splat! Gunge Tank hot seat for one minute at a time. The model outside the tank has that time to try and make the model in the tank say yes or no. After one minute they swap places until someone trips up and gets gunged! Tension is high! 

Andy Feet Torture: We know there are some feet fans out there and a lot of people wanted to see Andy suffer the tickle feet torture. Well, he we subject him to a tickle. How long will he last before he mutters the words gunge me! There is only so much tickle torture on ones feet can take! 

Mario Kart Gunge Tank Head to Head: Andy and Jon are both big gamers and everyone loves a Mario Kart head to head! The looser of the Mario Kart gets a Tanking!

Gunge Wrestling Finale: We have been asked many, many times to feature gunge wrestling. Finding two models who are willing to do it has been tough, Jon even did not show up last year to a shoot because we mentioned Gunge wrestling. Well we have finally done it, Jon and Andy go at it in the Gunge filled pool. This is it, who will win!?

Video Details and Legal Information

Video Length: 55 Mins, 31 secs 

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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