Adam Messy


Adam Messy

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Adam makes his Splat! Show debut in this special show. Why is this show called Adam Messy? Well…

About The Show

During the hectic last week of July, Splat! HQ as a whole group of sites which includes Males, Female and Lycra lads produced an insane amount of material. During that week we shot a top secret show with a new model that we did not announce on our social channels before we shot. If you follow us on Twitter you would of seen that we revealed the shoot over the last weekend of July and that show is here today! 

This feature length show features Adam and the show name is a play on his surname because it sounds like Messy. So here it is, the top secret and possibly biggest release of season 13, ADAM MESSY! 


This show features

Splat! Interview: As with all new models, we sit down with Adam to talk about his surprise appearance the Splat! Show and THAT experience with the Splat! Babes! of course it ends with a Gunging and a few pies!  

Piestermind: After Adam was thrust into the world of Gunge head first we thought we would test his knowledge of said gungy gameshows with a round of Piestermind. We dressed Adam in a ES Collection lycra wrestling singlet which he informed was the same brand he modeled for. Lots of pies and gunge! 

Aussie Quiz: Adam lives pretty local to Splat! HQ so we asked if he would do more shoots. He said yes, but sadly is moving to Australia in the winter for good. So we thought lets do a Quiz on the country so Adam can get to know a bit more about the country is about to call home!

The Sit down Balloon Challenge: A twist on our classic pop the balloons in a pool game. This time Adam has to grab a balloon covered in gunge, place it on the chair and then sit on the balloon trying to pop it. It’s much easier than it sounds and we get some great crazy camera shots of the action! 


Trackies Gunging Finale: There has been a call for more Tracksuit trousers on Splat! so we got Adam to wear for him to get messy in as we say thank you to Adam for getting messy, and then we Get Adam Messy (see what we did there) again!



Video Details

Video Length: 47 mins, 9 seconds. Presented in HD. Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Adam Messy