Alaine’s Splatette! Show


Alaine's Splatette! Show

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The Splatette! Show is back and we have a brand new guest! Alaine stars in the first new Splatette! for nearly a year!

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About The Show

It’s been nearly a year since our last Splatette! Release. Things have been pretty hectic around Splat! HQ since late last year as we moved to our new website. 

We are now back with a brand new Splatette! Show starring the wonderful Alaine. Alaine is a nurse and part time model from Manchester and she was the first casting to return our email about a shoot. Alaine loved her time in the Splatettte! Show Gunge Tank and we really hope you enjoy her show as much as Alaine did filming it.

Alaine’s Splatette! Show Features The Following

The Gunge Tank Interview: So in the first new Splatette! Show for a while, we have to meet our new guest. We interview Alaine inside the Gunge Tank so we can get to know more about her and of course, it ends with the first Tanking for Alaine and for the show.

Lucky Or Mucky Numbers: Alaine plays one of our signature Splat! Games, Lucky Or Mucky. For each incorrect answer that Alaine gives, she has to pick a number from 1-15. One number is unlucky and will unload the tank. Will Alaine be lucky or mucky!?

Tour De Gunge: After performing better than expected in the quiz round, although still gunged, Alaine now takes on the Splatette! Show Physical challenge. Tour De Gunge. A Season wide competition between all Splatette! guest to travel the furthest on the Gunge Cyles, while getting messy. The winner overall gets a prize at the end of the season. Alaine has five minutes on The Gunge Cycle and ends when the tank drops.

The Splatette! Show Debrief: At the end of the show we talk to Alaine about her first Gunge Tank and Splat! experience. Did she have fun, what did she like and what did she dislike and who does she want to see in the Gunge Tank? The show ends with Alaine’s final Gunging of her show.

Video Details: Video Length: 41 minutes and 51 seconds. Presented in 4k and HD. Help playing videos.

Content Guidelines: Swimwear in some scenes. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Alaine's Splatette! Show

Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio.

The Trailer For Alaine's Splatette! Show

Also Available From This Shoot...

Alaine took on the Splat! Storm at her Splat! Show shoot. The Splat! Storm is a relentless deluge of gunge from all directions. Gunge blasters, foam cannons, bucket throws and tank drops. There is nothing quite like the Splat! Storm. Presented in HD & 4K.

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. Video does not include Splat! Logos as seen in the images.

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Alaine's Splatette! Show Cut Footage

View the footage that didn’t make it into Alaine’s Splatette! Show including behind the scenes footage and and post gungings!