Ash’s Tank Special

Ash's Tank Special


If you are a fan of the show and follow our social media updates you may be aware that our season 14 Gunge Tank was designed and built by Splat! regular Ash. Ash knew that he would have to star in a feature length show with his new creation but as the year and season wore on he thought he might escape. Of course that was not to be. After all, the man who designed the tank that gunged so many models in season 14 has to face Justice! 

Watch as Ash goes head to head with his own Gunge Tank creation. Will the Gunge Tank be nice to it’s master? Find out in this fantastic season 14 show!

Ash’s Tank feature show includes:

Gunge Tank Countdown Interview: Having already faced the Gunge Tank in season 14’s Euro Splat! Match mini show how does Ash feel about doing a feature length show with the Gunge Tank he created? We interview Ash to find out in the Gunge Tank Countdown Interview. Ash dressed in a Yellow and Black lycra scuba suit also wore a umbrella hat thinking it would protect him from the pink slime. Did we allow him to keep it on? 

Get Your Own Back: Fun fact! Ash is Pete’s house mate. So Pete decided he wanted to get his own Back on Ash for being a cheeky chappy and generally getting on his nervous as a house mate. So following the Splat! Get Your Own Back format Ash has to try and avoid getting three Tankings. First he has to try and avoid the Snot, then school custard and then finally R.A.W (really awful waste). Do you think Pete would allow Ash to escape a tanking? Of course not!

Gungy Pants: Ash is not a shy guy, if you have seen his pervious shows you will know he will wear practically anything and is not scared of showing his bum either. In this video you get to see both! Skimpy speedos for the wear anything aspect and Ash’s bum! Ash plays a round of Gungy Pants, a game that Anthony played in a pre-shoot exclusive and Simon will also play in the season 14 finale. For each wrong question Ash has to fill his pants with some gunge. If the pants start to overflow with Gunge then the game is over and Ash will get Gunged.

Gunge Tank Escape, Number Cruncher: Ash did not take part in the Public Gunge Tank vote in season 14 but said to us he would like to try the Gunge Tank escape Number Cruncher game to see if he could crack the code and avoid the Gunge. So we granted his wish. Does Ash escape the Gunge Tank and avoid the Gunge? 

Ash’s Ballon Turmoil: The balloon challenge is finishing after season 14. We will have a new balloon game for season 15 and this might just be it. The game starts off with a homage to the classic season 14 when Ash has a go and then we move on to the new format. Three large water filled balloons are hanging above Ash in the Tank. The balloons represent Ash’s live lines in the game. The Gunge Tank is filled wth porridge and when Ash’s water balloons are popped and thus losing a life, dropping freezing water on Ash, the porridge Gunge Tank will open!  

Crates of Fate Finale: For the finale of Ash’s Tank show we wanted to try something new and big. The Crates of fates. Ash had to choose one of three plates in three crates. Each paper plate in the crates had a messy forfeit written on them. One had a Mega Gunging, One had Mega Custard Pieing and the final one was Gunge bobbing. The catch was that Ash had to tell us what number create he wanted to aim for, and then answer the same correct number of questions before the time ran out to pick that create. So for example, if Ash was aiming for crate 3 he would have to answer three questions right before the time ran out. If he fails to meet this target he would have to do all three forfeits…he failed! Yep, for the finale Ash has to do all three messy forfeits! 

First up was the Mega Custard Pieing: Ash again was dressed in the lycra yellow and black suit and then had to endure 10 cream and custard pies to the face!

Next up it was Gunge bobbing for balloons in a vat of Gunge. Ash really went for it with TOTAL submergence in the Gunge!

The Final fate was the MEGA GUnging and the gunging was really, really gross with the Gunge even filling up Ash’s Lycra suit during the gunging too! The best way to finish Ash’s Gunge Tank show


Video Details

Video Length: 1 hour, 41 mins and 34 seconds. Help playing videos.

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Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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