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Be On The Splat! Show!

Do you want to appear on The Splat! Show and be part of our commercial releases? Read on below for more information about being on The Splat! Show

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!: We are now accepting applications to appear on The Splat! Show for season 21.

Think you have what it takes? Apply today, we’d love to hear from YOU!

The Basics...

We are always looking for new faces to feature on The Splat! Show but to be considered for an appearance on the Show there are some important things you need to know plus other application requirements.

We are typically looking for the following guests to feature in a Splat! Show Shoot:

Social Media stars and influencers. Introduce your content to our audience by appearing on the show. You will have the chance to promote your social media presence on the show and grow your own following.

Celebrities however you may define the term. From A list to Z list, we don’t mind how famous, infamous or not so famous you are. 

Sports people such as football and rugby players or any team sport, swimmers, gymnasts. Take part in a sport professionally? We want you.

Professional and Amateur Models. Big or small, if you are a model we want you! 

Actors. From Stage to screen, if you are an actor then come along!

Depending on which category you fall into will determine how much we will be willing to pay you to take part in our shoots. We offer good rates of pay for a short number of hours worked plus we cover any travel expenses. 

Please note that we may require further information about you and your background when you apply. 

If you want to come along to Splat! HQ and take part in a show BUT do not wish to have it released on the website, please consider booking a Splat! Private Experience. We also no longer feature Splat! Show fans in our commercial releases as of 2022. If you are a Splat! Show fan, please consider a private experience.

You need to be over age of 18 and a UK resident. This will be checked by us if we have any doubts so please have documentation on hand as proof. 

IMPORTANT:You must have read our Content and Principles About Us Page AND our Participant Relations Page and fully understand the concept of the Splat! Show and who may find interest in your appearance and content before applying. You will also need to complete our Duty Of Care process which includes our onboarding and off-boarding procedure which will be discussed with you if we wish to work with you. Please contact us directly here if you have any questions before you apply.

You understand that your show can be viewed by anyone. 

You understand that any shoot you take part in will be released on our website plus you will feature in any promotion of such shoot via our social media channels and other means. Content will only be accessible via our website. 

You understand that all content shot at a shoot is owned by The Splat! Show and that you will have to sign a release form so we can legally release any content in which you may appear. You can request that your material is removed from our website, social media platforms and third party partners at any time as long as there is valid reason for this. It is worth noting that The Splat! Show has always acted in the best interests of our guests who we work with and we have always removed content at a participants request.

You will be paid for your Splat! Show appearance. Payments vary based on a number of factors that will be discussed with any successful applicants. 

We at The Splat! Show take pride in our open and transparent casting process and the care of our guests. We will treat with you respect and will never keep important details from you. 

Application Requirements

If you are interested in appearing on The Splat! Show, you need to meet the following requirements. Failure to meet any of the following requirements will result in an unsuccessful application.

Please note we will only reply to applications that have met all the application requirements. So if you have applied by not heard from us then sadly you have not met our requirements. Remember, we no longer feature Splat! Show fans in our commercial releases. Please book a Splat! Experience if you are a fan who wants to come on the show. 

Please include the following information with your application.

Your Name:



Please state which category you fall into from “The Basics” section above: Example: Social Media Influencer.

Why you think you would be a good guest for The Splat! Show?

Please also include a recent picture of yourself.

Please also include links to any social media profiles if you maintain any. This is not required, but may help with your application. 

Please email your application to 

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