BIG January

Kicking Off The New Decade IN A BIG way!

We are kicking off the new year and new decade in the biggest possible way. We are bringing you three brand new shoots. One Splat! Star, a returning guest and a finally a brand new guest for the Gunge Tank to play with.

2020 is going to be our biggest year ever for commercial Splat! Shows, and we are staring as we mean to carry on…BIG and MESSY!

As well as staging our private experiences throughout the month, January 2020 is on course to be our busiest and messiest month ever since we launched in 2004.

Production on our BIG January shoots is now complete. Thank you to all those who supported these shoots. We hope you enjoy watching them for years to come…now onto February! 

Status: Complete

James has now shot his BIG January Show.Β 

It will be released in future.

James T’s Splat! Storm Pre-Shoot has now been sent to viewers who ordered before the close date. Please contact us if you didn’t get yours.

GET A PREVIEW: Splat! Fan Club Members can get an early look at James T’s Shoot on The Splat! Fan Club HERE

Status: Complete

Jon has now shot his BIG January Show.Β 

Jon’s Big January Show will be released sometime in the future.

Jon’s Pre-Shoot, Jon’s Gunge Party and Gunge Tank Vote have been sent out to users who ordered and participated. Please contact us if you didn’t receive yours.

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