Claire’s Splat Storm


Claire's Splat! Storm

Ordering Info, Help and Content Guidelines 

Claire might of been Gunged before elsewhere, but she hasn’t experienced the world famous Splat! Storm!

Orders close Monday August 12th at 10pm.

Order Claire’s Splat! Storm in pre-shoot starts to get it Wednesday 14th August and pay less than general release.

About The Show

UPDATE: Due the lack of interest in Claire’s Splatette! Shoot we have taken the decision to cancel the shoot.

No orders for Claire’s Splat! Storm Pre-shoot have been made. We use preshoot orders to gauge interest in our future shoots. Since there has been no interest in Claire’s shoot we have cancelled the shoot. We will be announcing our next shoot soon.



The next Splatette! Shoot will take place on August 13th with Claire.

Claire has been gunged before on other websites but we think she would love a Splatette! Show.

You can now order Claire’s Splat! Storm in pre-shoot status. This means you get Claire’s Splat! Storm on Wednesday 14th August, a day after the shoot completes and also pay less than general release.

Orders close Monday August 12th at 10pm.


There is no guarantee that we will release pre-shoot items for general release.

For full terms and conditions regarding Pre-shoots please click here.

Watch The Shoot Live On The Splatette! Fan Club.

We are live streaming Clarire’s Splatette! Shoot to Splatette! Fan Club members.

Join The Splatette! Fan Club HERE and watch the content already on the Fan Club while you wait.