Club Early Access

Early Access and Higher Quality Downloads

In our continuing effort to provide more value to our most dedicated fans, fan club members can now access select future releases before we release them for everyone. In addition, we will also be providing higher quality downloads for fan club members during early access releases.

Early access downloads will be either true 4KΒ resolution and 60 frames per second to offer a moreΒ lifelike viewingΒ experience or 4KΒ resolution at 30 frames perΒ second depending on the file. Downloads will be presneted in HD and at 30 frames per second when they are released for everyone else.Β 

Please do not share this page URL with non Splat! Fan Club members asΒ earlyΒ access is only for current Splat! Fan Club members. This page URL will change on a regular basis when new content is added to earlyΒ access.

Whitie's Splat! Storm

Whitie takes on the Splat! Storm! A relentlessΒ barrage of Gunge blasts, bucket throws and Gunge Drops. Β 

FAN CLUB EARLY ACCESS AND TRUE 4K AT 30 FRAMES PER SECOND: Splat! Fan Club members can access Whitie’s Splat! Storm beforeΒ everyoneΒ else and also download this true 4k version at 30 frames per second for the bestΒ qualityΒ available for this download. When this storm is released for everyoneΒ else it will be released in HD at 30 frames per second.Β 


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