Splat! Show Customs - You Are The Director!

Welcome to Splat! Show Customs. Splat! Show Customs give you control over The Splat! Show Creative process with you planning shows with our Splat! Stars.

We understand that not everyone likes being gunged, so maybe our private experiences are not for you. But maybe you enjoy watching the shows more than actually being in The Gunge Tank. Well Splat! Show Customs are for you.

Splat! Show Customs allow you to plan a Splat! Show with one of our Splat! Stars. 

What Is a Splat! Show Custom

Users who order a Splat! Show Custom are effectively the director of a Splat! Show. When you book a Splat! Show Custom you can design and plan a Splat! Show. We will then shoot your Splat! Show as planned, to as close as possible to your original vision and then send you the completed show.

What You Get For A Splat! Show Custom

Before you place an order for a Splat! Show Custom we will ask you to send us a detailed plan on what you want your Splat! Show custom to feature. If we feel we can carry out your plan, we will then ask you to book and we will then start to plan the shoot for the proposed custom.

Once we have filmed the Splat! Show Custom, we will send you the completed edited show and also unedited footage for you to own.

Costings For Splat! Show Customs

In order to keep the prices of our customs as low as possible we will release completed Splat! Show customs on the website or Splat! Fan Club depending on the content featured. This helps us keep the price point for booking customs as low as possible. 

Since we anticipate that custom shows will be very different to our usual Splat! Shows we produce in house, this has also been reflected in the price for customs. 

Customs cost £250.00

Please note that if your custom features props or specialised clothing, you will need to provide these too.

What You Get When You Book

There is just one price point for ordering a custom Splat! Show and it gives you the following:

Five segments, as planned by you featuring your chosen Splat! Star.

You are paying for the Splat! Stars time to complete filming of the custom.

We cover costs associated with Gunge used, our time editing, the set up and clean up process for the shoot. This is covered when the custom is made available for everyone to view via the website or the fan club. You will need to provide and cover the costs of any props or specialised clothing used in your custom.

You will own a copy of all the unedited and edited footage. Only edited footage will be released for everyone to view. You will be sent this first before we release anything on the website or fan club.

Legal notice: We will own the copyright of the material produced under custom orders. You are not permitted to release a custom Splat! Show for sale or post images or clips from the show without prior permission. 

Who Is Available To Star In Customs?

Currently Jon and Kyle are available for Splat! Show Customs.

What Content Can You Feature In A Splat Custom?

When it comes to the types of content that can be featured in a Splat! Show custom we ask the following:

Content must not contain adult content in the way of full body nudity.

Content must not feature simulated or real acts of a sexual nature.

Content must not feature language that could cause offence to groups or an individuals based on looks, race or gender.

Want To Book A Custom Splat! Show?

If you are interested in making a booking, then please contact us to start the arrangements. It would be best if you already had your plan or ideas set out before contacting us because we will ask to see these before we confirm a booking.

Please note that once we confirm your custom is ok, full payment must be provided. Payment is made via bank transfer into our business account. We cannot accept PayPal for Splat! Show Custom orders.