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Splat! Show Private Experience

Have you ever wanted to appear on The Splat! Show but didn’t feel comfortable having you show released for everyone to see? Then a Splat! Show private experience is for you! 

We offer private Splat! Show Experiences (called sessions) to anyone wishing to visit Splat! HQ to star in their very own Splat! Show. Read on to find out more about our private sessions. If you have any questions please contact us.

What Is A Private Session

A Splat! Show private session is just that, private. You come to Splat! HQ and become the star of your very own Splat! Show. We offer four tiers of Splat! Show experiences. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can have your private session filmed or not. It really is up to you.

Why book with us? We were the first to offer private experiences and have plenty of experience in running and hosting these events. You really won’t find what we offer on any other website. While others have copied (along with many other things) our private session ideas, you really won’t find an experience as good as the ones we offer. Don’t settle for anyone else and come to Splat! HQ. The first and the best. 

We offer Four Private Session Tiers...

Bronze Tier

Our Bronze Private Splat! Show experience is our basic option. Perfect if you want to experience the Gunge Tank but don’t fancy doing a full Splat! Show. Our Bonze tier features one Gunging in The Gunge Tank. You can choose to have it filmed or not filmed for your personal use.

Bonze Tier Cost: £100.00 – This pays for all the gunge and our time.

Just want one massive Gunging like this….then Bronze is for you

Silver Tier

Our Silver private Splat! Show experience is a full solo Splat! Show experience. Our silver tier gets you a normal Splat! show much like you see in the feature shows we release on the website. The only difference is that your show will not be released and can be filmed for your private use. Our silver tier gives you 5 games in the Gunge Tank and you get to take home a Splat! Show T-shirt +.

Silver Tier Cost:  WAS £500.00 NOW JUST £250 FOR OUR 15th ANNIVERSARY YEAR – This pays for all the gunge and our time.

A private session booker getting one of their five Gunge Tankings! Image used with permission and consent.

Gold Tier


Our Gold option gets you five segments just like the shows we released on the website. You also get our Splat! Storm experience on top of the five games. Plus you can also choose to have James (Splat! Show producer) join in with you as a competitor for one or two of the games. This part of the gold tier is optional and you can book your gold tier experience with or without this option. You will also receive a Splat! Show T-shirt + to take home with you with every gold tier booking.

Gold Tier Cost: WAS £600 NOW JUST £300 FOR OUR 15th ANNIVERSARY YEAR – This pays for all the gunge in the five game games PLUS the extra Splat! Storm experience and our time.

Want a Splat! Storm as part of your Splat! Show experience? Gold is for you.

Platinum Tier

Our Platinum private Splat! Show experience is our top tier option. With our platinum tier you get 5 games in the Gunge Tank BUT you can choose to have one of our models with you at the shoot. Our platinum tier also includes the Splat! Storm too. 

You can choose to have your selected model play against you in the games with the loser getting gunged or you can just have them present your private session. At the end of the session you can get your own back on your selected model in The Gunge Tank. Currently you can book Adam, Kyle or Ash to join you for your private Splat! Show experience. You can also take home a Splat! Show T-Shirt+ with every platinum tier too.

Platinum Tier Cost: £750 – This pays for all the gunge, our time and paying your selected model.

Who do you want to join you!?

Filmed or Not Filmed - Your Privacy Guaranteed!

After making sure your private experience is top notch with all the gunge you can handle, we also make sure your privacy is guaranteed and protected. If your shoot is filmed we never store your files after we have sent you your show and ensure that we never keep your show on our servers when sending you your show. We have been offering private sessions for a number of years now with no issues or problems and are more than confident in offering you an experience you won’t forget while also protecting your privacy. Many fans have booked return sessions after their first because they know we are the best around and can offer an experience no one else can match.

Want To Book?

No matter what experience you want to book, booking your time on The Splat! Show is easy! Just contact us here and tell us you are interested and we will get straight back to you.

Please note that full payment will be required when you settle on a date to secure your selected date. Payment is done via bank transfer and is non-refundable after you book. Please only enquire if you are serious about booking a private Splat! Show experience. No time wasters please.

We are located in Kettering which is about an hour from London via train.

We can offer most Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays as long as we don’t have other filming commitments on these dates. We will of course discuss everything with before we ask you to commit to a private experience. 

You need to be over the age of 18 and a resident of the United Kingdom to book a private experience. You will be required to provide proof of age with a valid photo ID.

All clothing is provided by us or you can bring your own. We have showering facilities on site and you will be treated like a model for the day. If you want more information regarding how we treat our models we work with, please click here.

If you choose to have your show filmed you agree that your show is ONLY for your private use and you may not release it on any website or social media platform without PAW Media UK consent. 

We hope to see you in The Gunge Tank Soon!

+ = T-Shirts  will be sent to you a week after your private session takes place.