End Of Season Message

End Of Season UpdateΒ Β Wednesday 20thΒ November

Dear Splat! Fans, Pete here.

Before we get into the news, we as a team want to thank you for the support you have shown us during 2019. It’s no secret that the end of last year was a real challenge for us as we faced a few challenges and issues, but thankfully the team pulled themselves together and made 2019 one of our best years ever.Β 

2019 brought us a few new challenges, but these challenges were more positive ones. We launched our revamped private experience packages at the start of the year and the response has been amazing. For us, and me in particular, it has been fantastic to meet so many Splat! fans in real life and invite them to take part in The Splat! Show. Sadly the immense interest in our private experiences had an impact on our commercial (shows we release for download) Splat! Show releases. We were unable to shoot as many commercial Splat! Shows as we would’ve of liked due to our time be taking up by private experiences. This is a problem we want to correct next year.

Going into 2020 we will still be offering private experiences, but we will working hard to ensure we can also maintain a steady release of Splat! Show Commercial releases many of you continue to expect. We cast our commercial shoots way in advance of any shooting dates to ensure our guests have enough time to prepare for their shoot. Some of these guys have been waiting nearly a year for a concrete shooting date, so we have the guys ready to star. We just need to find the time. We understand that not everyone is interested in booking a private experience and we do not want to just offer Gunge Tank experiences, The Splat! Show’s strength is in the great commercial content we release that many of you enjoy.

Season 17 has seen the lowest number of commercial releases since I fully took over Splat! in 2014. Me and the team have worked tireless over the past six years to grow the show, site and our product offerings. Introducing private experiences has effected our commercial output but I want to reassure any fan that we have not abandoned our commercial releases, we are simply adjusting to manage the growth of the Splat! Show and its many offerings. It has taken longer then we would’ve like to get our schedule in order. We only have a number of free days, and sometimes there is not enough hours in the day,

The shows we have released this year have been some of the biggest shows in our history, featuring more head to heads than any other season. We understood earlier this year that we needed to make the shows we did release special to make up for the smaller number of releases.

So what’s coming? We did want to revamp the show more than we have this season too, it’s another reason why we haven’t released as much content this season. I am not going to reveal what we have planned now, but I will say that if you are attending a private experience yourself over the next few months then you might get to test a few new things out. When we are ready to announce things we will, I have learnt that jumping the gun is not wise. Just know we are working hard as always.

I had to take a break this October, the first extended break I have taken from Splat! Show duties since I took over. I was exhausted but the break did me the world of good, and as we approach a new chapter of The Splat! Show, I will be taking things easy until the new year. We do have one show planned before the years end, but we will be taking our time to get things done.

I can say we are “planning” an end of season special though, it will feature some of the games that have been a staple of the show for the past few seasons. Right before the revamp! Stay tuned for updates!

I want to thank you all for the support you have shown us during 2019. If you have made a visit to The Gunge Tank yourself, you will know how hard we work at the shoots. I am incredibly proud of the work the team has done for The Splat! Show over the past 12 months and I am incredibly grateful to all of our fans keeping us around and growing.

Thank you all,





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