Gunge Brothers

Gunge Brothers


It’s been nearly two years since Gabriel made his Splat! Show debut. So when he called asking if he could come back we of course said yes. Gabriel is welcome on the show anytime, but this time he is joined by his Brother Uriel for the show. Gabriel knew that if Uriel was on the show with him, he might be able to avoid the tank. Does Gabriel’s clever sibling rivalry idea pay off, or will it back fire resulting him not just getting Gunged, but also having to deal with the shame of loosing to his brother. It’s time to find out! 

It’s sibling rivalry but with a Gungy twist!

Gunge Brothers  Features The Following…

The Interview Surprise: We wanted this show to be a pure Head To Head feature. So instead of Gunging newbie Uriel at the end of the interview we gave Gabriel a gift to welcome his brother to the wonderful world of The Splat! Show. A custard pie for Uriel’s face! Now it’s time for the serious stuff to start.

The Buzzer Round: It’s time for the real sibling rivalry to kick off. The buzzer round is back. The rules are simple. Gabriel and Uriel have to buzz in when they think they know the correct answer. They have to be careful however, if they give an incorrect answer they get minus points. The brother with the most points at the end of the round gets the first win of the show and sends their brother into The Gunge Tank!

Race From The Gunge Tank: As well as introducing Tour De Gunge, this season also marks the debut of “Race From The Gunge Tank” where players have to travel the furthest to escape the Gunge Tank. It’s now time for Brothers Gabriel and Uriel to play. Uriel has the advantage here as he cycles to work, but will he be able to make the distance? The longer each player takes to answer their question, the more time and distance they potentially give to their opponent. Will it be Gabriel or Uriel who makes it furthest away at the end and who will be in the danger zone? The tank will claim the participant closest to the tank.

Pass The Pie, Brother!: It’s time for the pies! We had a feeling Uriel was looking forward to this one, especially after Gabriel surprised him with a pie in the interview. It sure seems like it’s payback time. Gabriel and Uriel play a round of Pass The Pie. Get your question right and you can pie your opponent. Get it wrong and then you have to pass your pie, carefully, to your opponent who then throws it back into your face. The brother with the most points wins and sends the looser to the tank for a sloppy end! 

Lucky Or Mucky: Double Trouble: Lucky or Mucky is our game of the season. Last season it was Foam me Up and this season it’s Lucky or Mucky. This special version of Lucky Or Mucky sees both Gabriel and Uriel in the tank. Each brother has a full tank of gunge each (yes two tanks) above their heads. Dangling down in front of them are a number of cords. When they get a question wrong, they must pull one of these cords. Two are connected directly to the Gunge Tanks. To win, Gabriel and Uriel must dump their opponents tank onto them. If they trigger their own tank, they loose. Gabriel has to try and trigger Uriel’s tank and Uriel must trigger Gabriels tank. Not their own. The tension is turned up to the maximum as each tug could spell disaster or victory! 

The Splat! Debrief: The head to head games are over, who has won the most games and avoided having to take on the final game of the show, Tour De Gunge? It turns out it is a tie. So we reverted to a twitter poll for back up. Uriel will face the last game of the show, The Tour De Gunge! Before the game (and before the storm, not in this show, which they are dressed for) we chat with Gabriel and Uriel about their massive Splat! Show. 


Tour De Gunge:  Season 17 will feature a season wide competition between select season 17 guests in Tour De Gunge. A exciting, messy and crazy new game with physicality at it’s heart. Each guest has five minutes to cycle as far as they can. The catch? This is Tour De Gunge so the cyclist will have to contend with massive amounts of Gunge, which will hinder their progress. Uriel was selected to take on this Tour De Gunge after drawing with Gabriel in the games before. It was down to a vote that sealed his fate. How will real life cyclist Uriel manage with this very different, and messy cycle right? Gabriel was on hand to make it as hard as possible with the gunge thowing. Click here to view the TOUR DE GUNGE LEADER BOARD

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 


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Uriel Vs Gabriel

Its brother Vs brother in the Gunge Tank vote. Will it be returner Gabriel or newbie Uriel who will get the instant Gunging from the public vote?a The Escapee will play The Great Gunge Tank Escape.​


Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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5 Gunge Brothers Picture Packs

View five picture packs taken at the Gunge Brothers shoot. Over 100 images taken at the shoot just for these picture packs.

How to View

Gunge Brothers Cut Footage

View the footage cut from the edited and released version of The Gunge Brothers feature show. Including footage before the games and gungings and after them too! Inlculdes more screen banter and laughter with Gabriel and Uriel. 

Gunge Brothers Fan Cam Footage

View the fan cam footage from The Gunge Brother shoot. Fan Cam footage is shot on a handheld camera and gives you new angles at some of the action from the shoot. Mainly used for different Gunging angles but includes other elements too.

Lean more about the production of this show. All Blog Entries are written by James, show co-producer.

So, although there’s no such thing as a “standard” Splat show, they do tend to fall into one of a limited number of categories.  First up, there’s the newbie show (challenge for you – over the last 15 years or so, how many gunge-virgins have we “deflowered”??) which, although easy for us to script can be a little unpredictable as we won’t have worked with the guy before.  There’s the returner (we are exceptionally proud of how many models ASK to come back) which are easier for us to plan in some ways as we know the model but more difficult in others as we need to give them something new to do.  There’s also the head to head show where we have models that we’ve worked with before (or, in the case of Joe vs Angel, we knew from off set) and so know we can really push them. And then, in the tradition of Splat, there are days when we have to come up with a new category…. welcome to Gabriel vs Uriel, gunge pro vs gunge virgin, a head to head that needed something new and something “safe” for the newbie.  Oh yes, the models may already know how to work with each other as they just happen to be brothers.  So naturally, Pete and I were NEVER going to get a word in edgeways.

Normally, when we film with someone new, the first time we get to chat properly with them is when they turn up at HQ. Thankfully, for a shoot that’s a little out of the ordinary, I’m “blessed” with a disruption to travel which means I get to spend a few hours with the brothers Phoenix as I’m travelling with them to HQ. So not only do I get to catch up with Gabriel, I get to meet Uriel… and by the time we turn up at HQ I’m absolutely certain that this is going to be one hell of a show.  The relationship between the two of them is hysterical and absolutely perfect for what we want.  It’s good natured rivalry with a real close bond between them.  Oh yes, it also helps that Uriel is seriously easy on the eye, intelligent and sharp witted.  Plus, he’s a huge geek.  This has definite opportunities…
After a very quick set up (the only downside to travelling with the models… they have to hang around whilst Pete and I finish the setup) we begin with the gunge tank vote segment.  To the fans that vote in these, THANK YOU. Apart from your faith in us pre-shoot without knowing anything about the new models, they are a huge help to Pete and myself.  We get a real feel for the models whilst we film the pre-shoot exclusives and that then helps with the main shoots.  And yes… okay, it means we also have the fun of winding up the head to head guys and that is also great fun 🙂
For once I really don’t know what to say about the main part of the shoot.  Normally I try and give hints without spoilers but there’s just so much about the show that would fall under the category of spoilers that I don’t know how much to give away. There is a LOT of laughter, so if you want a show with personality then this is definitely for you.  There is a LOT of gunge, if you ever read my tweets on shoot days then you’ll know why one of the last ones of the day (once home) was “And collapse”.  I emptied and refilled the tank a lot.  Oh okay, one mini spoiler.  I emptied and refilled the tankS a lot 🙂  This shoot, in the best possible way, knackered me but it was absolutely worth it.  If you like a shoot with lots of gungings then this one is for you.  There are edge of the seat moments a plenty and neither Pete nor I were able to predict who would get what gunge so if you like surprises then this is definitely for you. Okay, I’m biased.  I absolutely love working with Gabriel but if you want to see a show with a gunge newbie who puts even our regular models to shame with his instinctive knowledge of what makes a good Splat show then buy this one for Uriel.  What we put him through in the regular show…. I think it’s safe to say that if someone impresses ME with their ability to survive a mega gunging then I hope, by now, you realise that this means there’s something really special about the shoot and that’s before we get to the Splat Storm section.
I said earlier that we really thanked the people who purchased pre-shoot videos.  Believe me, when it comes to the Splat Storm section, I really hope that I deliver the goods.  It’s only a short section time wise but gunge wise it’s seriously heavy and intense.  We’ve had models who just sit there and “take it”, we’ve had models who try and cower in the corner (*cough*Adam*cough) but I can’t remember any storm that’s had such a thoroughly appreciated atmosphere as the Brothers Phoenix (yes, both of them got it).  And I’ve realised that yeah, get guys in the tank who “get” Splat and are fun to shoot with get the best storms.  Trust me, if you bought the storm…. put it this way, when Gabriel and Uriel had left the room to shower off, Pete and I looked at the devastation in the tank and just went wow.
Every Splat show is different, we pride ourselves in trying to make each one at least partially tailored to the guest.  But this show was off the scale.  Four and a half hours of filming followed by an hour or so to clean up.  Something tells me though that I will remember this one for a very long time and those memories will be exceptionally good ones.  And having travelled with Gabriel and Uriel, I can 100% promise you that what you see on screen isn’t an “act” of any sort.  They are two brilliant humans who really give it everything they can no matter what life throws at them.  Well….. life and two very enthusiastic Splat workers 🙂

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