Gunge It Like Aiden


Gunge It Like Aiden

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Semi-pro footballer Aiden couldn’t wait to get into The Splat! Show Gunge Tank! Seems he loves a bit of gunk.

About The Show

So after a few months of waiting, our David Beckam lookalike and semi-professional footballer Aiden stars in his feature length season 15 show in Gunge It Like Aiden! Yes, we did copy the name from Bend It Like Beckam! Read on to find out what awaits Aiden in his season 15 feature length show!

This Feature show includes

 The Interview: This was Aiden’s very first time in the Splat! Gunge Tank so we played a game of Gunge Countdown Interview with him so we all get to know more about Aiden. Aiden’s reaction to his first gunging is among the best!

 Lucky or Mucky: For round two Aiden tests his luck, or lack of therefore in Lucky or Mucky. Will Aiden dressed in the yellow and black Spandex get luck or become mucky!?

 The Gunge Tank Escape: The Number Cruncher: Aiden took part in our public Gunge Tank vote and came second in a three way header. We was heavily custard pied as a result. This also meant he did not play the Gunge Tank Escape game, the number cruncher so we included it in his feature show! Will Aiden crack the code and escape the Gunge Tank!?

 Master-Mess: Before Aiden found out he would face a custard pie overload at the hands of the viewers he would face the pies in this game, Master-mess. For every wrong question Aiden would have to take a custard pie to the face and body! Aww, Aiden looks cute in blue! 

 The Splat! Show Finale: At the end of Aiden’s shoot we talk to him about his time on the show before finishing with his finale Gunging! 


 Video Details

Video Length: 49 mins 8 Secs. Presented in 4k and HD. Help playing videos.

Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Gunge It Like Aiden

Aiden Also Shot The Following At His Splat! Show Shoot...

Aiden's Football Sludge Match

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