James T Splat! Storm

James T Splat! Storm Pre-Shoot

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James T makes his final return to The Splat! Show On January 12th. Order his Splat! Storm today and get it on the 12th January. Pre-shoot holders pay less. General release will be from £9.99 and will be released after April 1st 2020.

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James T Is Back For His Final Trials In Our Gunge Tank

Surprise! We have added a third shoot to our already busy start to 2020. We promised to increase our commercial output during 2020 and we are starting straight away!

James T, last seen towards the end of season 15, will be making his final return to The Splat! Gunge Tank on Sunday 12th January.  As you can see by the images we have posted, James has been hitting the gym hard since his last Splat! Show appearance and looks very different compared to his Splat! debut during season 15.

James T is one of the few guests who hasn’t experienced the Splat! Storm so that will be corrected at his final Splat! Shoot. It’s time for James T to face our famous Splat! Storm.

James T’s Stunning Transformation

Its been over two years since James’s Splat! Show debut and it seems he has be hitting the gym hard since then. Here is a collection of images taken from James’s personal instagram to help illustrate his transformation, all taken within get last few months. We can’t wait to welcome back this Hunk Into The Gunge Tank for one LAST time!


Order Now To Pay Less & Get It Early

You can pre-order James T’s Splat! Storm today in pre-shoot status at the pre-shoot price of just £8.50 and get it on Sunday 12th January. General release will be priced from £9.99 and will be released after April 1st 2020.

Please be aware that we haven’t decided when we will release James T’s second feature length show after it has been filmed on 12th January. It might be before or after April 1st 2020. If you want to see James T as soon as possible, order this pre-shoot today. 

Watch James T's Shoot LIVE

We will be live streaming this shoot to Splat! Fan Club members. 

For more information including timings, technical help and how to watch live, please click here.