Jason’s Sloppy Showcase


Jason's Sloppy Showcase

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Jason’s second Splat! Show is a very different affair. Sketches replace games in this throwback to our old days!


About The Show

This Splat! Show will no longer be available to download and own from end June 2019.

We regularly review the shows we offer. While Jason’s second Splat! Show is fun and very different than other Splat! Shows, we have decided that it’s had it’s time and it will be removed at the end of June. We have reduced the price too until then. 

It’s time to welcome back one of our standout stars of Season 15, Jason! Jason was recognized in his first show by a casting director who has now designed a whole show to show off Jason’s acting and modeling talents. Actors take part in showcases to display their talents to the world – so here is Jason’s Sloppy Showcase! Can Jason complete all the acting and modeling tasks, holding his nerve while getting messy, and avoid further forfeits? This is one of the messiest and longest shows we have ever shot, and includes the return of food gunge. As ever, Jason is a fantastic sport and puts his everything into the challenges!


This show includes:


-Audition-style Interview


After a catch-up chat with Jason it’s time to grill him about his acting and modeling life. Can he answer without hesitation, or will custard pies and gunge blasts be heading his way? And during his tanking at the end we make sure he is looking straight up into the gunge.


-Improv Skills Game


It’s time to put Jason’s acting skills to the test. Jason has to act out various scenarios dressed in a singlet. He has to dance, model gross beauty products, tell a story, prove he can be a tough guy, and show his romantic side with the aid of a trifle! With custard shampoos, ketchup armpits, baked bean facials, ice cold water balloons, and ice cream down the singlet, we make sure no area goes ungunged. And if the scenes aren’t performed well enough? Well, as they say in the movies, it’s time for take 2. Gunge throws in the tank await if he fails to impress overall.


-Bodybuilding Modeling Quiz


Jason is a keen weightlifter, and so what better way to show off his physique and test his confidence than with a bodybuilding posing routine? Dressed in a pair of trunks Jason has to hold bodybuilder poses while answering questions. Wrong answer? Then a messy forfeit awaits, themed to bodybuilding. Watch as Jason fails to escape eggs and beans over the head for extra protein, golden syrup fake tan, and a gunging in the tank at the end as he fails the quiz in spectacular style!


-Superman Slime


Jason was far too cocky during his superhero quizzes last time, so now Superman gets serious. Dressed in just a pair of Superman pants, Jason is asked some really tough Superman questions, and must complete some superhero-themed stunts, including the Superman dance, displays of strength, and a Superman mime. Forfeits include getting pied, flour-bombed, and gunge down the pants!


-Quick-change Modeling



This final game is all about testing Jason’s fashion modeling and ‘quick change’ skills. Actors and models often have to make very rapid back-stage outfit changes and get ready very quickly. Can Jason wash himself down, change into each new outfit, and model the novelty clothing in a set period of time? The costumes and characters feature a boxer, an animal, a power ranger in the morph suit, and even a ballerina in a tutu! Jason, you are truly a great sport and now a Splat! Legend!



Video Details

Video Length: 1 Hour, 28 mins and 11 seconds. Presented in HD. Help playing videos.

Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Jason's Sloppy Showcase

Ivan also shot the following at his Splat! Show Shoot