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Jason's Splat! Show

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Our mid season special stars Jason. One of the best guests we have had on for a while. Relaxed, fun and a very messy show!

About The Show

Last season we held a mid-season special with Kieron. A show bigger and messier than the shows that season before it. This season we are doing it again and this time we have a fantastic new model headlining our mid season special, Jason! Jason is sure to be a fan favorite going forward. Jason is cute, buff and has a sexy voice. We couldn’t have asked more of Jason, he is already a Splat! Show pro and this was his first shoot! Read on and then download. This a show you really don’t want to miss! 


This feature show includes

 The Gunge Tank Countdown Interview: New model means a interview. It was a real pleasure to interview Jason. Sometimes the models we feature are not very forthcoming in the interview but Jason had no trouble talking and making the interview interesting. You can see that Jason is really enjoying himself sat in the Gunge Tank for the first time, you can see the anticipation of the forthcoming gunging in his eyes! Then the Gunge Tank drops the first Gunging and the reaction is a pure master class as far as reactions go. Oh and his laugh, a fantastic way to start off the mid-season special!

Lucky Or Mucky: The game we love to play this season has to feature in our mid-season special. Jason wearing the yellow and black suit does a really good Job at staying lucky and avoiding to the Gunge. Just like Kurtis before him he nearly stayed lucky as the game went down to the last question and last cord. Will Jason get a tank full of red Gunge!?

Custard Pie Quiz: It’s time to see Jason in Speedo’s for the first time in the custard Pie Round. As you can see, Jason had a little fun with the Gunge and placed his hand on his pecs to leave a nice Gunge hand print on his body. Then the pies started, again the reactions here are top notch! We add the game by sending Jason to the Gunge Tank for a stand up Gunging that actually filled up the back of his speedos, much the delight of Jason and we think to the delight of the viewers too! 

 Splat! Superman: Jason is a HUGE comic fan. So for this show we designed a two part quiz around his superhero idol, Superman! We dressed Jason in a Superman Lycra costume and then the game started. In part one Jason had to get more questions right than wrong to avoid getting a tank full of Kryptonite Green Gunge dumped on him and in part two avoid the Superman Red Laser Eyes (Red Gunge Blasters) by answering correctly. Turns out Jason knows a lot about Superman so he initially avoided the Green Gunge, but as you know on Splat! you can’t really avoid the Gunge! 

 Finale: We bring Jason’s first Splat! Show and our s15 mid-season finale to a close with a nasty gunging. Jason get’s a nice gunging to finish off the show with a bucket of cold water added in the tank for the finale!  


Video Details

Video Length: 1 Hour, 8 mins and 8 seconds. Presented in 4k and HD. Help playing videos.

Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Jason's Splat! Show

Jason Also Shot The Following At His Splat! Show Shoot...

Jason's Splat! News Parody

Jason is back for a fun round of Splat! News. Can Jason complete the Splat! News report while being Gunged? It’s time for the Splat! News in 3, 2, 1…GUNGE!

Presented in HD and 4K. Running time: 6 mins, 21 secs. 

Teasers For Jason's Splat! News Parody

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It's Jason Vs Kurtis in this Gunge Tank vote. The viewers voted for Kurtis to get the instant Gunging In the tank with Jason battling his way of the gunge in The Great Gunge Tank Escape.

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