Jon Vs The Gunge Tank

Jon Vs The Gunge Tank

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Jon takes on the then brand new Gunge Tank in his first feature length show with the tank!

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About The Show

Our second season 14 launch show of four is the return of Jon, our 2015 model of the year in the new gunge tank in a feature length show! We were pleased to repair our relationship with Jon and he was very excited to hear the new gunge tank would be present at this shoot. So what did Jon have to face in his first fight with the Gunge Tank? Read on to find out.


This show includes:

The Gunge Tank Countdown: Jon is sat in the tank. The timer on Keiron’s iPad is set and when it reaches zero he gets to pull the cord on Jon in the tank! Before the timer runs out, Keiron gets to ask Jon some questions.

Second Tanking Bonus! As this was the first time Jon was in the tank, we decided to drop another load on him straight after the countdown game

Lucky or Mucky: It’s the return of the season one game! There are numerous gunge tank cords in front of Jon. One is connected to the gunge tank. For each wrong question Jon has to pull one of the cords. Will Jon get Lucky or will Jon get Mucky!?

The Splat! Balloon Challenge Tank Edition: Jon plays the balloon challenge, now against the tank. His time will be logged and added to the leader board. All the models this season will be playing this game. The model with the fastest time wins! Will Jon log a good time and avoid the gunge drop?

Gunge Cascade Quiz: In this twist on a quiz the piestermind game, Jon will get some gunge dropped on him for every wrong question he gives!

Double Tanking Finale: Keiron joins Jon in the Gunge Tank for the finale. One of the Gunge tanks contains warm gunge while the other gunge tank contains very cold recycled gunge. Who will get the nasty gunge? 

Video Details

Video Length: 48 mins and 14 secs  Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: No shirtless scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Jon Vs The Gunge Tank