Jon’s 5th Anniversary Hub

Jon's Splat! Star 5th Anniversary Hub

2020 marks five years since Jon became one of our Splat! Stars. To celebrate his milestone, we will be running a series of special events, shoots, sales and club exclusive content throughout 2020. Here you will find all the details regarding the 5th anniversary events! 

Fan Club Event - Stream Jon's first Shoot!

Want to watch Jon’s first ever Splat! Show shoot? We are currently streaming Jon’s first ever shoot over on The Splat! Fan Club until the end of 2020. If you want to see Jon’s first ever shoot which was actually shot before the show was re-launched under new management, now is the time. Fan Club members will also be able to download and keep Jon’s first ever Splat! Show shoot from the fan club during December 2020. Until then you can stream it over on The Splat! Fan Club.

Special Event Shoot - Jon's You Control

Jon’s 5th anniversary plans were delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With shoots now resuming, we should now be able to get back on track. A few years ago we teased a Jon U Control shoot, but unfortunately our plans fell through. Good ideas never really fade away here at Splat, so Jon’s U Control will take place during his special 5th anniversary year.  Head on over to the Jon U Control page today to find out more about Jon’s U Control shoot and how you can get involved

You Control Page Opening soon...

View Jon's Modelling Portfolio

Jon is a accomplished model. Splat! Fan Club members can now view some of his most stunning modelling shots. This special portfolio was curated by Jon himself. Available to view on The Splat! Fan Club until the end of 2020.

Special Event Shoot - Jon Vs Dan: THE RE-SPLAT!

The second and final Dan VS Jon show will be a showdown like never seen before! After Jon escaped every single Gunging during their first Splat! show battle, new Splat! Star Daniel is hoping the tables can be turned and send his big brother and fellow Splat! Star into the Gunge Tank for some much needed payback. How will these two massive Splat! Stars fare? There is only one way to find out, let the tank decide! 

Take part in the Gunge Tank Vote and order the pre-shoot special attached to this shoot!

Jon Vs Dan: The Re-Splat! Page Opening Soon