Kes Gungingham

Kes Gungingham


Meet Kes, Kes Gungingham. Ok, so his surname is not really Gungingham, but he does have one that sounds like Gungingham and we just couldn’t resist using that as the inspiration for Kes’s feature Splat! Show title.

Kes is yet another brand new guest and while we haven’t shot as much as we would of liked this year so far, we have still be casting and we have some great guys coming and that starts now with Kes.

Kes is a part time model, social media influencer and LGBT activist. When we invited Kes onto the show to shoot he jumped at the opportunity. Kes filmed his Splat! Show shoot the day after he attended London Pride and said Splat! was a a fitting end to a crazy weekend. Kes also agreed to bring his swimming trunks to the shoot, this was after fans went a bit crazy when we posted an image of Kes wearing said swimwear to our social media channels. 

Kes really got into the Splat! Show spirit and we couldn’t more happy with Kes’s Splat! Show and Gunge Tank Debut. We do have two openings for two new Splat! Stars, so maybe Kes fancies taking on that in the future? He said he would love to come back, and maybe with a few friends too!


Kes Gungingham Features The Following…

The Gunge Tank Interview: Kes joined us to shoot his feature Splat! Show a day after he attended pride London. So in The Gunge Tank Interview we cover this and everything else. Just who is Kes, why did he want to do the show and why is his hair styled the way it is? We find out before Kes get’s his first ever tanking! 

Luck Or Mucky: Of course, we don’t need to remind you. Ok maybe we do. Lucky Or Mucky is the game we play every show during season 17. Kes has to try to make it to the end of the Quiz before his luck runs out and he gets mucky. Will he be lucky or will he get mucky?

Custard Pie Quiz: Kes, wearing those infamous speedos takes on the custard pie round. Kes is sat outside the tank away from the gunge tank. Kes will get sent into the Gunge Tank if he gets more questions wrong (and pied for each one) than right. Will you even see his fancy swimwear by the end? 

Tour De Gunge: After failing miserably in the two quiz rounds prior, maybe a physical challenge would be more suited to Kes? Sadly for him, this round is Tour De Gunge and requires you get messy while you complete the round. Too bad, Kes! But Kes can still redeem himself by topping the Tour De Gunge leader board. Watch as Kes completes Tour De Gunge on the Gunge Cycle and listen out for his great commentary on the weather conditions while he completes the tour! Where does Kes feature on the leader board? Check here.

The Splat! Show Debrief: At the end of Kes’s Splat! Show debut we talk to him about his experience and ask the debfriefs most important question, who does Kes want to see on The Splat! Show?! We have a feeling that we might see Kes back here for a double header show with a few of his friends. Kes was disappointed to hear that our budget doesn’t stretch to book some of his celebrity wishes. The Tank then brings Kes’s Splat! Show to an end. 

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