Kyle U Control Special

Kyle's U Control Special

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Kyle faces the choices that the viewers have voted for as he takes on his U Control Special

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About The Show

Over the summer of Season 14 we asked viewers who downloaded a special Kyle Video to vote in a series of polls for a U Control Special. We asked you what you would like to see Kyle face in this U Control special. We are now pleased to present the results in this fantastic feature length show. How cruel are our viewers? Watch and find out! 

This feature show includes:

Nasty or Nice: We asked viewers what Gunge should be in the Gunge Tank in the first Game. Viewers voted for Porridge with 36% of the vote. Watch as Kyle winces with anticipation about what gunge is about to cover him! 

What Should Kyle Wear?: In the next game we asked what item of clothing Kyle should wear. With a whopping 51% of the vote viewers voted overwhelmingly for Kyle to wear a Jock Strap for a Quiz. For each wrong answer Kyle has to get up and sit on a balloon while getting messy. 

What game should Kyle play?: For this part of the show we asked viewers what game Kyle should play. Viewers voted for Strip Quiz with 42% of the vote. For each wrong answer Kyle has to remove an item of clothing until nothing is left. He is then sent to the Gunge Tank and gunged. 

Choose the Finale: In this section we asked viewers what should be the focus of the finale? Viewers voted for the biggest Gunging of the year with 40% of the vote. So we made sure there was lots and lots of pies, Gunge Sprays and a really, really thick Gunging that we would say is probably the best Gunging to feature on a season 14 show! 

BONUS GAME: Earlier in season 14 Kyle was the first model to fail the Great Gunge Tank escape game. In this bonus game we give him another chance. Will he escape the Gunge This time?


BONUS GAME: Golden Gunge? In the run up to this shoot we tweeted that Golden Gunge would drop on a model in the next few shoots. If the model got the Golden gunge then they would be on season 15. Watch as The Golden Gunge drops on Kyle not only securing his place on season 15 but also making him the official season 15 model!  

Video Details

Video Length: 1 hour, 10 mins and 41 secs. Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines