Kyle’s Christmas Special


Kyle's Christmas Special

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Kyle stars in our 2017 Christmas special, released from The Splat! Show Vault until Jan 1st 2019

Unlocked From The Splat! Vault Until January 6th 2020.

About The Show


 Merry Christmas Splat! Fans!

Our Messy Christmas special this year very nearly didn’t happen. Ironically, snow and ice delayed the shoot and pushed the shoot date really close to Christmas. Thankfully Kyle was a real sport and agreed to come to Splat! HQ after finishing a full day in his day job to get the shoot done. Time was against us so we were only able to shoot three segments for this years Christmas Special. The show might be shorter than we would’ve liked but we still used the same amount of Gunge for the show. Yes, thats a lot of Gunge for just three segments!

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy this years fantastic Messy Christmas Special. Oh and we are pleased to report that Kyle was on top form too!

This Show Features…


It’s been a while since Kyle was at Splat! HQ and in the Gunge Tank. Last time he was triumphant over Ash in Ash Vs Kyle having only taken one trip into the tank during the show. We talk to Kyle about what he has been up to and why he was chosen for our 2017 Messy Christmas Special, hint: it turns out Kyle loves the festive period! Of course we had to dress Kyle in a sexy Santa hat too! The interview finishes with the inevitable Gunging, and what a Gunging it is! It’s very rare the tank is filled to capacity for the interview gunging but as we said, time was not on our side! Even Kyle was surprised! 

Lucky or Mucky – Christmas Special

Lucky or Mucky, the signature game featured this season, gets a festive make over. Of course we made Kyle zip down that scuba suit to the very bottom too for THAT obvious reason. Kyle will freely admit that he is not great at general knowledge so it was a surprise to us and himself that he excelled at Christmas themed questions! He did so well that he very actually completed the first set of questions we had! He agreed to continue with the second set and again completed all the questions. We then gave Kyle the chance to get of the tank and escape, but he agreed as it’s Christmas that he should take the Gunge! After the Gunging it was now obvious to Kyle why we got to zip down his scuba suit! Yep, let the fill commence! A great way to finish off Lucky or Mucky this year! 

Messy Christmas Songs Finale 

You have to give it to Kyle, he really didn’t like the idea of singing classic Christmas songs while getting messy but he agreed and the results are, well, messy! It’s true that Kyle can’t sing to save Santa but he seemed to really enjoy the gunge being fired up his nostrils from the Gunge Blasters and getting “snowed” on. The singing ends with the last Gunging of the show and it’s a fantastic way to cap off our Messy Christmas 2017 special! Now Kyle has done some singing we think we should get him to do Gunge Tank Karaoke next year. What do you think!?

Video Details

Video Length: 1 hour, 50 seconds. Presented in HD. Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: No shirtless scenes, some swimwear scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Kyle's Christmas Special 2017