Mid-Season Special: Benny Vs Darren

Mid-Season Special: benny Vs Darren


Our mid-season specials are always something special. Over the years, we’ve had returning popular faces and brother vs brother specials star in our mid-season special shows. This year, as things are a bit different, we went down a new and different route with a best friends VS show. 

Darren, who has been the breakout star this season so far and who made his Splat! Show debut just a few months ago is back and this time he has brought his bestie along for the ride. Benny and Darren have been best friends since they met at a photoshoot in 2014. Benny was due to star in a solo Splat! Show, but we thought it was about time we did another head to head special so that’s how this show came about.

Now, if you glance over at the show contents, you may see that “Friend Test, Gunge Fest” is featured in this show. We offered this as a pre-shoot special for customers to order before the shoot took place. Well, it turns out that Benny and Darren really are best friends so the Gungings (a potential 10 in each round) in those segments were less than anticipated. So we have compensated those customers who ordered the pre-shoot by sending them this whole show at no extra cost to them. It always pay to take advantage of our pre-shoot offers!

We are also packing this release with extra content so it lives up to our past mid-season specials. Not only will you find a fantastic mid-season special, two great new guests and some really funny reactions but also the download features Splat! + Plus content from all of the rounds. Oh, and just like in Darren’s Splat! Show, this show also features the Splat! Storm as part of the package too. This time with Benny taking on The Splat! Storm and with Darren in control of the storm. The longest and funniest storm? You betcha! 

A huge thank you to Benny and Darren for making this shoot such a fun one and thank you to those who supported the shoot with their pre-shoot order and who got a great deal! 


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Guest Introduction: The first two person guest introduction. Benny and Darren waving to the camera with some info before the show starts.

The Splat! Interview: It’s time to meet today’s two guests. The second double head to head show in this special season after our pride special. We talk to Darren and Benny about their friendship and what it means for Darren to be back on the show after a few mere weeks since his first appearance. We also talk to Benny about what’s to come and there is some fighting talk from both as the first Gunge Tank game approaches. 

Gunge Tank Roulette: Many of you told us that you really enjoyed Gunge Tank Roulette featured in our pride special with Kes and James, so it’s back. The tank is full of Yellow Gunge and ready to drop it on the unlucky person in the tank when the Splat! Wheel lands on the Gunge Zone. Remember Darren’s first gunging from his show? Yeah, it was weak. That is corrected here as Darren get’s the first ganging and the reaction from Benny is priceless! 

Friend Test, Gunge Fest Darren: This game was offered as our pre-shoot for this shoot but features here too. Don’t worry, customers who ordered this game before the shoot have been sent theirs already PLUS they are also getting this whole show at no extra cost to them! Darren and Benny each take it in turns to sit in the tank. We then ask them a question about their best friend outside the tank. If their answers match, it’s onto the next question. BUT if they fail, they are tanked. Potentially there were ten tankings on offer for each, but Benny and Darren really do know each other very well. It’s not a clean sweep however and they both don’t know everything about each other. Again, the reactions from both Benny and Darren are on top form here! 

Friend Test, Gunge Fest Benny: It’s time for Benny to take on The Friend Test, Gunge Test. 

The Buzzer Round: The Buzzer round makes a return and in a surprise to himself and us, Darren beats out Benny by getting more questions right and winning the round. Benny is sent to The Gunge Tank for a Gunging that needed a little bit more gunge, so Pete threw a bucket in after the tanking to make sure that Darren’s win in this round was celebrated to a good standard. Sadly for Benny, he was also up in the tank next for the finale for the show. The Splat! Storm!

Darren Gives Benny The Splat! Storm: Just like in Darren’s Splat! Show, this show features the Splat! Storm included in the show to bring the show to an end. We allowed Darren to dish out the storm. You’ve probably seen our most brutal storms, but Darren did something quite interesting here. He really milked it by taking his time with his blast’s of gunge and throws. He also dropped the tank on Benny at an unexpected point to make this Splat! Storm truly unique! Maybe we should Darren to dish out all future Splat! Storms!?

Splat! + Plus Footage: As this our mid-season special, we are packing it with value busting extras. So we have added Splat! + Plus footage of the gungings with your download. We will add Splat! + Plus footage from this shoot (featuring the whole games, and not just the Gungings) at some point in the future. Watch the Gungings again from The Splat! + Plus camera for even more messy action! 

Gunge Tank Cam Footage: This release also features Gunge Tank Cam footage of the Gungings featured in the show. 



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