Mini Splat! Shows 2

Jon's Mucky Buckets

Jon’s first Splat! Show duty in 2018 was hosting a private session. Jon is normally private guests first choice when selecting a model to host and join in their show. It’s no wonder really, Jon is our prince of Gunge.Β 

At the end of this private session Jon had to face the mucky buckets. During the private show, the mystery guest won certain messy surprises for Jon to face at the end of the show. These included pies, foam sprays, Gunge blasts and the chance to fill the tank with some β€œMucky Bucket” gunge for Jon’s Gunging.Β 

The Mucky Bucket Gunging gunge featured, cold recycled Gunge, Beans, Chili Sauce (why goggles were needed) foam, custard and ketchup!Β 

We had consent from the private show guest to release this video. He is not visible in the video.

Presented in HD and 4k. Running time: 10 mins, 41 secs.Β 

Teasers For Jon's Mucky Buckets

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Adam & Jon: The Double Splat! Storm

Both and Adam and Jon take on the Splat! Storm at the same time. Adam and Jon sit together in the Gunge Tank and are sprayed with foam, gunge blasted and bucket throws and then comes the ultimate finisher. A double tanking from two separate tanks. Filmed 2018.

Presented in HD and 4k. Running time: 7 mins, 15 secs.Β 

Teasers For Adam & Jon: The Double Splat! Storm

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Jamie's Splat! Storm

Nearly every shoot this season our contestants have to endure the mess over-load that is The Splat! Storm. Splat! Storms, if you don’t already know, are a relentless mess fest that features gunge coming from every direction. Pies, foam and gunge throws cover our contestants who just have to sit in the tank and try to enjoy the ride. Oh, and the tank is also primed to drop it’s gunky load at the best possible moment!

Presented in HD and 4k. Running time: 5 mins, 35 secs.Β 

Teasers For Jamie's Splat! Storm

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Ash The Cheat: Gunge Tank Justice Court

In the run up to their head to head shoot, Ash and Kyle took part in the famous Gunge Tank Public Vote. Both have escaped the cold and smelly Gunge before but this time one would succumb to the cold and smelly gunk. Kyle was voted into the Gunge Tank for the humiliating treatment which meant that Ash had to fight to stay clean in the Gunge Tank Escape.

On the day of the shoot we shot the Gunge Tank Escape game with Ash. The format was the Number Cruncher, a game that Ash played in his season 14 show. He told us he did not remember the code and we believed him. Our mistake! Turns out he did and cheated, he stupidly told Kyle and then Kyle told us, thanks Kyle!Β 

So Ash was summoned to Gunge Tank the very next day to explain his actions and re-shoot the Gunge Tank Escape with a different game, of course we filled the tank with some VERY thick and COLD Gunge for, well you know, just in case Ash failed. We told Ash we would play the game fairly, but we of course was telling a little porky too! So Ash played the game, and won but we made him beg us not to unleash the tank on him. But the thing is, the Tank does not like cheaters! Justice was delivered and Ash received one cruel gunging!

Β The Original Gunge Tank Escape: We have included the Gunge Tank Escape that was filmed on the day of the Kyle Vs Ash shoot. This is the one where Ash cheated. We have included it so you can see the cheater escape the Gunge Tank that makes the second part so much more rewarding!

Β Re-run Gunge Tank Escape: In this part Ash has been summoned to the Gunge Tank to explain his actions. He is then sent into the Gunge Tank, which has now been filled with cold and thick gunge to replay the Gunge Tank Escape. Ash again wins the Gunge Tank escape, but now it’s our turn to cheat and turn the tables by dropping the gunge on the cheater!Β 

Presented in HD and 4k. Running time: 16 mins, 33 secs.Β 

Teasers For Ash The Cheat: Gunge Tank Justice Court

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