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Welcome to The Splat! Director’s Blog. Here you will be able to view updates from Pete who is The Splat! Show creative director. You can reach Pete via the “Contact Us” Page.¬†

Thats a wrap! – Posted March 18th 2019.

Yesterday we wrapped production on our final head to head feature starring Jon and Adam. To say the day was hectic doesn’t really cut it. Timing constraints saw the guys arrive at HQ at 8AM which meant that James and I had to rise from our beds at ungodly hour of 6am, on a SUNDAY! We didn’t get to sleep before 1.30 am Sunday morning after a new tank feature test (it made a small appearance in the shoot in reduced capacity) resulted in gunge being sprayed all over the studio. I am also suffering from a pretty bad cold too, so yeah, I felt like a Zombie for the entire shoot.

That all aside, the shoot went well and featured some great new games that we hope to feature regularly next season. Adam and Jon were of course a joy to work with again, but I have a funny feeling that Adam doesn’t really enjoy getting gunged ¬†going by his reactions this time around, even if he only got one tanking in the feature. This is a complete reverse compared to their last, Battle Royale as Jon got tanked the most in this final head to head. ¬†The feature show will be released sometime in April. The Red Nose Storm and the Splat! Special Gunge Tank Vote have been dispatched to viewers too with the Storm also seeing a limited timed release on the website.¬†

I really hope you enjoyed these specials with our Splat! Stars. We are now casting aggressively for our new season and getting new features into place. 

Thanks for your support as always! 




Snot Everywhere and The Return Of Two BIG Splat! Stars – Posted March 15th 2019.

This past week we have been gearing up for our Red Nose Day events and planning for the return of Adam and Jon. On Wednesday evening Kyle visited Splat! HQ to film the “Snot Vote” results. A big thank you to Kyle for coming here straight after he finished work to get it completed for us. It went really well and it was a great pleasure to have Kyle here again, now officially as one of our Splat! Stars. To say that Kyle turned a little green when he got the Red Nose Day Snot would be an understatement, it was literally a very snotty time. Thanks to those viewers who participated in the vote before the close date, I really hope you enjoy your bonus picture pack too! If you didn’t patriciate in the vote you can download the results video here until April 1st.

This coming Sunday we have a very special shoot with another two of our Splat! Stars. Adam and Jon. It’s been well over a year since Adam was last here and we can’t wait to see who wins out in their third head to head special. Will Adam get more tankings than Jon again or will the tables be turned? We have some great new games which we are very excited about, I can’t say too much here as I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

I will check in with you all sometime next week after this weekend has been completed. Until then Splatters, stay messy and happy!


End of Season Message – Posted March 4th 2019.

Hey guys, Pete here. Just wanted to give you all a quick update.

We are fast approaching the end of our financial year and I just wanted to personally thank you all for making the past 12 months our biggest and best in our 15 year history.

The team and I have worked really hard to bring you the best content we can. Of course we faced a few challenges over the past 12 months, but thanks to the you the fans and my team we managed to overcome them and push forward. I have been running Splat! for 15 years now there have always been tough times, but recent problems really tested my resolve and patience. ¬†I want to personally thank James, who has been here keeping me sane and helped me through to carry on. I was ready to quit late last year, while I should never take things written on the internet about us seriously, especially when they are not true, it was hard not to do so when I pour so much time and effort into The Splat! Show. My physical and mental health was affected and it was a pretty dark time for myself, I let doubt creep in and started to think what we do here at Splat! was not worth it anymore. Thankfully, I received many messages from fans which really helped and after a time I picked myself up and ¬†carried on. I am so glad I did. I know that there will be future challenges, there will always be. Thats the internet for you. But I am ready to fight for Splat! and the show that I have built and transformed over the last few years. We must be doing something right at least, with so many new sites like ours launching over the last year or so. I also want to thank Tim for his support too with his castings and productions. It’s great to have you on board again Tim!¬†

I also took the opportunity to complete redesign the Website too. Something that was needed, I am really proud of the sites new look and feel and thank you for the kind comments about it too. We have some new site features in the work too that I hope you will look forward to. You “might” have to log into the site in the future, but it’s for the best so we can offer you even more!

As I am writing this, we are between seasons which means we are busy behind the scenes getting ready to kick off season 17. The successes of the last 12 months has enabled us to invest in a few new things, which we are working on right now. Thats why I can’t give you a date when you will see the new season because I don’t know when they will be ready, I want to make sure the show is different enough from season 16 to keep things fresh. We are shooting a few special shows with our Splat! stars soon though, I hope you look forward to seeing them.¬†

It’s also been a great pleasure to meet so many Splat! Fans at our recently re-launched private experiences. They have been great fun and to meet so many Splat! Fans has been an absolute pleasure! I hope to see more of you here soon.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I plan on updating this page with news about Splat! and myself going forward (hopefully a more lighter tone!) so I hope you look forward for more news from myself in the near future. If you want to contact me for any reason, you can do so via the Contact Us Page here. I will always reply, eventually!

Until then, thank you so much for your support.


Pete РSplat! Show Creative Director