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Pre-shoot Offer 2: 2-4-1 Splat! Storm Offer



Our 20th Anniversary season, celebrating 20 years of the Splat! Show continues! 

We are taking a short break from the new faces (don’t worry there are plenty still to come) to welcome back two returning guests. Pete and James have selected two guests they want to see back as part of our 20th anniversary season.

Pete has selected Phil and James has selected Gabriel.

This could well be the last time that Phil and Gabe are on the show and if so, having them in our 20th anniversary season is fitting!

We are shooting with Phil on October 26th and Gabe on October 28th.

2-4-1 Splat! Storm Offer Continues For Our 20th Anniversary

Our popular 2-4-1 Splat! Storm offer continues for our 20th Anniversary!

Get Phil’s and Gabriel’s Splat! Storms for the price of one with this offer, plus presented in 4K and will also feature Splat! Plus + and extended Tank Cam footage. If and when these storms are released on the site they will just be presented in HD without Splat! Plus + and extended Tank Cam footage.

Presented In 4K and Added Content!

Pre-shoot versions of these Splat! Storm will be presented in 4K and comes with complete Splat! Plus + footage (again in 4K) and extended tank cam included. These features are not included if and when they are released for all on the website. 

You will also get these way ahead of general release. Currently, Splat! Storms are usually added to the site for all to download months or even years after they are shot!

Save and get more with our pre-shoot offers!

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Offer Details: Order before the offer close date to take advantage of this 2-4-1 offer.

ORDERS CLOSE . Order link will be deactivated on October 26th 2023.  Please see our full T’s and Cs for more details. You agree to these terms if you take advantage of this pre-shoot offer. 

These items on general release are from £9.99 each. Get two for the price of one with this pre-shoot offer and in the highest quality and with extras included that won’t be in the general site releases.

Customers who participate in this pre-shoot should receive their downloads the same day we finish shooting with each participant. This is subject to service status and other factors that may be beyond our control. 


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