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Pre-shoot Offer 2: 2-4-1 Splat! Storm Offer



Our 20th Anniversary season is ending with the final two shoots now set!

Production on our biggest and messiest season comes to an end in June ahead of season 23 starting production in September. 

We will be shooting with Love Island’s George Fensom and welcoming back Splat! Stars James and Kes for the FINAL time. Two season finale specials for our 20th anniversary season. 

The Final 2-4-1 Offer For Our 20th Anniversary 

Our popular 2-4-1  offer continues for our 20th Anniversary!

Get Geroge’s Splat! Storm and James and Kes Double Splat! Storm for the price of one with our 2-4-1 offer!

Presented In 4K and Added Content!

Pre-shoot versions will be presented in 4K and comes with complete Splat! Plus + footage (again in 4K) and extended tank cam included. These features are not included if and when they are released for all on the website. 

You will also get these way ahead of general release. Currently, Splat! Storms and or Specials are usually added to the site for all to download months or even years after they are shot!

Save and get more with our pre-shoot offers!

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Offer Details:Β Order before the offer close date to take advantage of this 2-4-1 offer.

Shoot Dates: We are shooting with Geroge on Saturday 8th June and with Kes and James on Sunday 9th June.Β 

ORDERS CLOSE . Order link will beΒ deactivatedΒ on June 8th 2024. Β Please see our full T’s and Cs for more details. You agree to these terms if you take advantage of this pre-shoot offer.Β 

These items on general release are from Β£9.99 each. Get two for the price of one with this pre-shoot offerΒ andΒ in the highestΒ qualityΒ and with extras included that won’t be in the general site releases.

Customers whoΒ participate in this pre-shoot shouldΒ receive their downloads the same day weΒ finish shooting with eachΒ participant. This is subject to service status and other factors that may be beyond our control.Β 


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