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Current Offer: 2-4-1 Louie and James Splat! Storms


We are shooting our next two Splat! Show on Saturday 25th September and Sunday 3rd October.

On Saturday 25th September we are shooting with personal trainer Louie. Louie hasn’t shot with us or any other website like ours before and so this will be his first messy gameshow and WAM shoot. Louie is looking to make a good first impression with the hopes of coming back as a regular face and earn Splat! Star status as soon as possible. We love shooting with personal trainers and we know you guys love watching them take on The Gunge Tank too, and we can’t wait to welcome Louie onto the Splat! Show.

A week later on Sunday 3rd October we will be joined James, who actually already has some WAM experience. Much like Lucas did this time last year, James reached out to us himself asking if we would consider him for a shoot after he shot with the fabulous QuizBob website and others. All are welcome here at The Splat! Show so of course we said yes, just because James has appeared elsewhere doesn’t mean we won’t consider him for a Splat! Show. 

We are again offering you the chance to grab both Louie and Jame’s Splat! Storms for the price of one with our 2-4-1 Splat! Storm offer. Just order this bundle before Saturday 25th September to qualify for the offer. 

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Offer Details: You will get Louie and James’s storms for the price of one Splat! Storm. 


You will be sent each Splat! Storm the same day we finish shooting with James and Louie. So you will be sent Louie’s Splat! Storm on Saturday 25th September and James’s Splat! Storm on Sunday 3rd October. Please see our full T’s and Cs for more details