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Pre-shoot Offer 2: 2-4-1 Louie's Splatty Gym & Adam's Splatter Dome



We are shooting our Halloween special with Louie on October 1st and we are also welcoming back former Splat! Star Adam Coussins for our first “Splat! Legends” Shoot on October 2nd.

Two Splat! Specials For The Price Of One: Louie’s Splatty Gym & Adam’s Splatter Dome

Order this pre-shoot offer and get two Splat! Specials for the price of one. This order will include the following Splat! Specials:

Personal Trainer Louie will be heading into The Splatty Gym to take on a various workout routines while facing all sorts of Splat! mess which ends up in the Tank for a messy cool down.

Adam will be taking on the Splatter! Dome. A new game reserved for Splat! Legends. Adam will be quizzed on his own Splat! history and each question will correspond to a gunge colour (Yellow, Red, Green and Blue). If Adam get’s a question wrong then he is splatted with that colour of Gunge. If and when Adam get’s Splatted with every colour then it’s game over and the Splatter Dome unleashes the tank full of Yellow and Purple Gunge (Splat! Official Colours). Can Adam escape the Splatter Dome without triggering the Splat! Tank?

Highest Quality and Packed With Extras!

You will also get each Splat! Special in 4K and with complete Splat! Plus + footage in 4K and extended tank cam footage. If and when these Splat! Specials are released on the website, they will only be HD and will not include Splat! Plus + footage or extended Tank Cam footage. 


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Offer Details: Order before the offer close date to take advantage of this 2-4-1 offer.

ORDERS CLOSE October 1st. Order link will be deactivated on October 1st.  Please see our full T’s and Cs for more details

Splat! Specials on general release are from £9.99 each. Get two for the price of one with this pre-shoot offer and in the highest quality and with extras included! 


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