Pride Special Shoot

This year we are celebrating pride in a BIG way by staging our first ever pride themed Splat! Show. We have cast James and Kes (will he bring his Speedos!?), two recent and popular participants to star. This is our first double participant Splat! Show Shoot since August 2019!

Here you will find all the information about the shoot and how to get involved before the gunge starts to flow!

Shoot Status

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Double Feature Splat! Show

The main event of our Pride 2021 shoot will be the return of the double participant Splat! Show. We haven’t done a double feature length show since Jon Vs Dan back in August 2019 and many of you have told us it is the format you enjoy the most. So after being starved of new content, we feel that now is a great time to bring back the double feature Splat! Show.

With James and Kes starring, you can expect fierce rivalry between the two trying get each other into the Gunge Tank, the return of Pass The Pie, tons of colourful gunk and a few surprises too!

Pride Double Splat! Storm

Pride is all about solidarity right? Well of course that means our two pride participants should face our famous (and sometimes terrifying) Splat! Storm together!

Order The Double Pride Splat! Storm today and get it as soon as we finish shooting on the 20th June. It will be released for everyone else during next year’s pride event.  Order today and get it before everyone else! Please see terms and conditions for pre-shoot content. 

The Gunge Tank Vote

We can’t have two participants at the same shoot without doing a Gunge Tank Vote. 

With James and Kes in the studio as the results are revealed, you can bet that the tension will be sky high as our pride participants await the results.

Whoever receives the most votes will get the instant Gunging and literally turned into a rainbow pride by the winning participant. But they are not safe as the Gungee now has the chance to turn the tables in The Great Gunge Tank Revenge Game, new for 2021!

Participate in The Gunge Tank vote and cast your vote today and receive the results when we finish shooting on June 20th. It will be released for everyone else during next year’s pride event.


Flans From The Fans

Wait, you want even more content?! Of course you do! And this one is for our biggest fans as Flans From The Fans is back on The Splat! Fan Club!

If you don’t know, Flans From The Fans is a Splat! Fan Club exclusive video series where fans literally get the chance to “flan” (custard pie) the guests with a simple click.

Two posts are now live over on The Splat! Fan Club. One for Kes and one for James. All you have to do is like the posts to send Kes and or James a flan. The tank can also be triggered if a post receives ten or more likes. Both Flans From The Fans episodes will be released exclusively on The Splat! Fan Club.

Get sending those flans before Sunday 20th June! Splat! Fan Club membership required to participate and watch.

Covid Safety

This shoot will be operating under our amended covid safety framework. Both Kes and James will take a lateral flow covid test when they arrive as a precaution. Social distancing will be maintained between the participants and the production team and face coverings will be worn when needed. The studio will be well ventilated and enhanced cleaning will take place before and after the shoot to protect current and future participants.