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production Status

Here you will find updates concerning our production status and important news and updates that could impact our production schedule. 

Production Resumed. COIVD rules are relaxed. This page will remain for reference. 

Covid-19 - Looking After Everyone

Working Under COVID-19 Secure Conditions

Below we have outlined the changes we are making behind the scenes to operate under COVID-19 secure guidelines. As we said previously, we don’t think you will notice many changes on screen when you watch the show but we want to be transparent with you on the steps we are taking while producing the show over the next few months just in case you notice any changes on screen. This information is also to reassure any future potential guests about their visit to us. 

This guidance covers both our commercial shoots and private experiences after consulting officially issued guidance and undertaking a risk assessment of our facilities. 

All guidance followed is set out by the UK Government under their COVID-19 Secure scheme and advice from The World Health Organisation.

Traveling To Splat! HQ: We will encourage all guests to use their own transport when making their journey to Splat! HQ. We understand this will not be possible for all guests. If they are coming via public transport they will have to follow UK government guidelines when using public transport. We can dispose of their face covering used when they arrive and we will provide them with a replacement face covering for their return journey. Guests will have to wash their hands as soon as they arrive and will be encouraged throughout the duration of the shoot. 

Social Distancing: We will maintain social distancing at our shoots where possible but people are free to make their own choices.

Number Of People: Our shoots have always had very few people in attendance. Usually this is just Pete running the shoot. Sometimes James (show co-producer) helps support shoots. This means the number of people in attendance is always low so any risk is minimised. Double shoots can be staged for private experiences but other restrictions apply, which you can read more about below. 

Shooting Environment: The Splat! Studio will be ventilated at all times with fresh outside air. The airflow will be altered to keep the air supply fresh and clean throughout a shoot using ventilation direction by the use of air flow from windows and air condition systems. There will be dedicated dump bins for guests to place any items of clothing or towels they have used so they are separated and highlighted for cleaning under COVID-19 Secure guidelines. 

Enhanced Cleaning: We already have a thorough cleaning regimen in place for our shoots and operations. These will now be altered and enhanced while we operate under COVID-19 conditions. High touch objects, like door handles for example, will be cleaned each time they are touched. The bathroom is throughly cleaned after each shoot and will be enhanced during this period. 

Protective Equipment: As a precaution, the Splat! production team will wear face coverings at certain points where social distancing is reduced, such as when getting guests on their arrival.  Our guests can also wear face coverings when they are not filming and we will have plenty to use if they are required. Hand sanitiser will be available and hand washing will be encouraged throughout the shoots. 

Clothing: All clothing that is used at a shoot will washed above 60 degrees instead of the usual 30 degrees to ensure this kills any potential virus transmission. Any item of clothing that is touched by our guests will be cleaned, even if they are not used. 

Personal Cleaning: We will encourage all guests to bring their own personal cleaning items. We will still offer our own, but once used these will be thrown away. Any use of our towels by guests will be washed at 60 degrees to prevent any potential virus transmission. 

Monitoring Symptoms: All guests will be subject to our screening when they arrive. This will be a purely observational screening, so if we notice any symptoms, even if they are minor, the shoot will not go ahead. We will also be contacting our guests 12 hours before they are due to arrive and encourage them to report to us any symptoms. We will ask if they have had any symptoms within the past 14 days before their Splat! Shoot. We may have to temporarily delay a shoot if symptoms are reported within this 14 day period. 

Double Shoots: Private shoots for two people can still go ahead at this time. We will still follow our COVID-19 guidelines but it is your responsibility to look after your own safety. So if you choose not to maintain social distancing with your partner then that is fine, but you must maintain social distancing between yourselves and the Splat! team. Commercial shoots will be assessed on a case by case basis depending on their background and the guests relationship

We want to reassure our fans and future potential guests, commercial or private experiences, that we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure we are operating in a safe and secure manner while resuming our shooting operations . If you have any questions, please do contact us here today. 

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