Red Nose Day “Snot Storm” Double

RND'19 Snot Storm Double

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Adam and Jon team up to take on a very special Splat! Storm for Comic Relief 2019 – The “Snot Storm” Double

Only Available Until April 1st

About The Show

This is it, the final double Splat! storm featuring Adam and Jon. This past weekend we filmed their last ever head to head shoot which also included this special Double Splat! Storm that is also part of our Red Nose Day 2019 events.

Adam and Jon both took their place in the Gunge Tank at the end of a very busy and time constricted shoot to film this double Splat! Storm. They had no choice but to just sit there and take all the gunge and a few buckets of snot too. It is clear that Adam found this experience a challenge, not even knowing where to look and the shock on his face was clear. Jon being Jon just got on with it!

You can now download this special Splat! Storm Double with 35% of all sales going to comic relief. Please note that viewers who ordered while this video before the shoot paid a lower price.

Video Details and Content Guidelines: Video length, 7 mins 11 secs. Content: Minor swear word usage. Jon is shirtless, Adam is not. Presented in 4k and HD versions with your download.

A Few Images From The Video Red Nose Day Storm 2019