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How To Vote: You can vote for which two videos you want to see feature on Splat! Retro Stream, just email the dedicated Retro Stream email address with your two selections. We will review these monthly and then choose the two that received the most votes to feature. We will review these on a monthly basis but your two selections will be taken into consideration up to six months since your first submitted your two requests. Only one email per month will be counted towards the tally from a single email address. 

Available Shows To Request…

Email your two requests to Your two suggestions will be valid for six months from the date you send them and will be pooled with other suggestions during this period. The shows with the highest requests will make it onto Splat! Retro stream. You can send your suggestions once a month.

Season 1:

The 10th Splat! Show With Chris

BF VS GF (Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend Splat! Show with Shaun D

Easter Splat! Show with James R

Jordan A Model Guest with Jordan

Karl’s Splat! Show

Lee’s Splat! Show with Lee C

Nick The Splat! Star with Nick, Simon and Paul

Parking Penalty Payback with Rowan 

Red Nose Day with Triple X Triplets

Season 2:

Chris The Splat! Legend with Chris 

Fashion Victim with Barry B

Fitness Freaks with Andy R

Flan Fling with Tim and James R

Presenter Vs Presenter with Tim and James R

Super Sloppy Shaun with Shaun D

Season 3:

KT and Matt’s BIG Quiz 

Joe’s Splat! Show with Joe and Andy

Ben and Jon Pie Ballot

Ben’s Gunge Journey with Welsh Ben

Charlie and Jon’s Splat!

Charlie The Footie Hooligan Splat! Show

Guess Who Foodie Game

Highland Gunge Splat! Show with Andy and Joe

Hogmanay Special with Nick W

Joe and Andy Buddies Game 

Joe The Physical jerk with Andy and Joe

Joe Splat!tastic Ballot with Joe and Andy

Marc and Zane Buddies Game

Marc Vs Zane Splat! Show

Matt’s BIG Dump Gunging

New Year Special with Benjamin and Nick W

Zane’s Pie Factory 

Splat! Superman with Ben K

To Posh For Gunge? with Rich

Tom’s Splat! Show

Trifle Ballot with Tom

Tom’s Splat! Show with Tom

Zane Gets Gunged by Tom and Charlie GYOB

Season 4:

Season 4 Prem with Mike

Gunge For Africa with Jared

Alex’s BIG Dump

Alex Gets A Splat! Show

Amazing Alex Cool The Heat

Amazing Alex Christmas Special

Amazing Halloween Special

Amazing Alex Bonfire Night Special 

Challenge Chris with Chris and Phil

Cliff: A Guy on The Edge with Cliff and Jared

Cliff’s 12 Bucket’s Of Christmas Gunge

Fitness Freaks II with Chris

Gav The Chav Splat! Show

Lee’s Cold Comfort Splat! Show

Phick Phil Splat! Show

Scott’s Slime Time

Season 5:

Alex and Nicki: Alex Gets The Sack

Alex and Nicki: Nicki’s Induction Gunging

Alex and Nicki: Nicki’s Interview

Alex and Nicki: The Perfect Guest

BF Set Up with Chris and Chantelle 

Splat! Classics With Ben: The Physical Challenge

Splat! Classics With Ben: The Pie Fight ft Simon

Splat! Classics With Ben: The MEGA Gunging

Splat! Classics With Ben: Messy Emails 3

Splat! Classics With Ben: Stop The Snot

Dancing Green with Simon and Ben

David: The Gunge Fan Splat! Show

Dean T: Not MY Gunging MEGA Gunging

Dean T: Messy Emails 4

A Girlfriends Revenge with Chris and Chantelle 

Jack’s Joy Splat! Show with Jack and David 

Jon and Cameron Splat! Show: Your So Vain

Jon and Cameron: The Splat! Ballot Results

The Summer Of Slime Splat! Show with Dean T

Terrence The Italian Stallion Splat! Show

Tri Gunge For The Tai-athlete with Ben

Season 6:

Adam C’s Derby Gunge Tank Quiz

Gage’s MEGA Quiz

Gage’s Full Mini Splat! Show 

Whitie Cake Dunk

Whitie in The Gunge Tank

Whitie’s Messy Mash Up

Red Nose Day 2011 Gunging with Troy and Darren 

Season 7:

Troy’s Thank You Desk

David’s Army Sketch 

David’s Messy Emails 

Hugo and Adam C Physical Challenge 

Hugo and Adam C: Hugo Get’s His Own Back on Adam C

Hugo and Adam C: Hugo’s Splat! Quiz

Hugo and Adam C: Hugo’s Stop The Snot

Jamie’s Oily Quiz

Jamie’s Water and Flour Speech

Nick C’s Messy Mime

Nick C Doing Porridge 

Nick C’s Physical Challenge 

Nick C’s Water Shock

Nick W’s MEGA Gunging

Paddy’s Fake Hands Sketch

Paddy’s U Control Special

Paddy’s Physical Challenge

Season 8:

Aaron Tied and Pied

Robyn gets her revenge on Aaron 

Jon’s Season 7 Farewell Gunging

Jon’s Physical Challenge

Jon’s Splat! Quiz

Jon’s Stop The Snot

Jamie’s Stop The Snot

Jamie’s Touchy Feely 

Nick C’s Messy Interview

Nick W’s Gay Day Gunging

Paddy’s Fancy Dress Ballot 

Season 9:

David’s Messy Mash Up

Paddy’s Attractive Rating Splat!

Paddy’s Foam Pie Overload

Paddy’s MEGA Gunging

Season 11:

Former Mr Gay UK Dan Get’s His Own Back On His Mate

Former Mr Gay UK Dan’s MEGA Splatting

Former Mr Gay UK Dan’s Splat! Storm

Former Mr Gay UK Dan’s Splat! Show

Farewell Jack M’s MEGA Gunging

Jack M’s Christmas Gunging

Messy Mason with Jack M Splat! Show

Season 12:

Adam C’s Returner Special

Adam C’s Blindfold Splat!

Skater Danny’s Splat! Show

Skater Danny’s MEGA Gunging

Gunge The Geek with Joe C

Mucky Malcolm Splat! Show with Malcolm

Maclolm’s Mega Splatting 

Murphy’s 12 Days Of Splat! Christmas 

Murphy’s Splat! Christmas Splat! Show

Paddy Gunged In Pink

Rhy’s Gunge Meltdown Splat! Show

Rhy’s Army Splat! Special

Season 13:

Adam Messy Meets The Splat! Babes

Adam Messy Splat! Show

Adam Messy Returner Splat! Show

Adam Messy’s Aussie’s Gunking Special 

Adam C’s 10 years of Splat! Special 

Adam C and Jon’s Splat! Ballot 

Adam’s Ulta Slowmo Gunging 

Jon’s Gunge Bingo

David’s Final Splat! 

David’s Touchy Feely 

Jon’s 10th Splat! Show Anniversary Special 

Jon’s Caveman Fancy Dress Splat! Ballot 

Jon and Chris Double Trouble Splat! Show

Chris’s Splat! Special with Jon 

2015 Red Nose Day Splat! Special with Jon

Messy Wellies with Jon

Jamie Vs Keiron Splat! Show

Jamie and Keiron’s Splat! Storm Special 

Kerion’s Fill Ya Pants

Keiron’s Splat! Show

Keiron’s Washing Line Pain

Malcolm All-Star Splat! Show

Malcolm’s Pre-Order Splat! Special 

Mark’s Splat! Storm

Mark’s Blindfold Splat!

Mark’s Mucky Duckies Special 

Mark’s Live Q and A with Fans (not messy)

Mark Get’s Mucky Splat! Show 

Mark Anythony’s Gunky Fun

Season 13 Opener with Mark Anthony 

Messy Emails 7 with Steve

Gunging Nemo Splat! Show With Nemo

Nemo’s Foam Pit and Gunge Slide 

Season 14:

Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream Feature Length Splat! Show

Steve’s Gunge’em In The Dungeon Feature Length Splat! Show

Messy Emails with Steve


Email your two requests to Your two suggestions will be valid for six months from the date you send them and will be pooled with other suggestions during this period. The shows with the highest requests will make it onto Splat! Retro stream. You can send your suggestions once a month.