Samantha’s Splatette! Show

Samatha's Splatette! Show

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COVID-19 Secure: This shoot was shot under our COVID-19 Shooting Safety Framework.

Surprise! We are back up and running after the Coronavirus lockdown. We had been planning our return to Splatette! Show production for a while but THAT virus threw our plans into chaos. Thankfully we were able to shoot with a brand new Splatette guest for our return to production. We didn’t want to announce the shoot in advance because the current climate is not very predicable at the moment.

So who do we have taking on The Splatette! Show Gunge Tank for our return? Well thanks to a kind Splatette! Fan, we were able to shoot with the fantastic Samantha. Samanthas’s show was in part planned by that fan and is quite different compared to other Splatette! Shows.

We hope you enjoy Samantha’s Splatette! Show and enjoy her fantastic Gungings. Here’s hoping that we will be be able to continue to shoot over the next few months. Fingers crossed! 

Samantha’s Splatette! Show  Features The Following…

The Gunge Tank Interview: Before Samantha’s gets into her games, we interviewed her to get some background and find out why she is at Splatette! HQ today. There is no Gunging here but don’t worry, the games feature the same amount as our usual shows.

Shout Out Splat! Part 1:The Splatette! Fan who wrote Samatha’s show must really like the SHOUT OUT party game. So for the first part Samantha has to place the mouth piece into her mouth and then read out the sentence on the card. Pete, show producer has to try and understand what she is saying. There is a time limit and if Samantha fails to pronounce her words correctly so Pete can hear then it’s game over. Samantha has three lives, once they are gone it’s Gunge Time! 

Shout Out Splat! Part Two: There is no rest bite for Samantha as it’s straight into the next round without a shower in-between. So an already Gunged Samantha takes on Shout Out Part two. Will she be able to avoid her second gunging in a row? She gives it a good go but her tongue obviously  got tied because she triggers the tank for a second time! 

The Final Shout Out Splat!:  We told you that this shows writer loves the Shout Out Game so a now showered and cleaned up Samantha takes on the third and final round. Will it be third time lucky or will she end up with another tank full?

Lucky Mucky – It would’t be a Splatette! Show without one of our signature games right? Samantha takes on the Splat! classic that is Lucky or Mucky. A general knowledge based quiz and for each incorrect answer Samantha has to give us a number from 1 to 15. One of those numbers triggers the tank. How far will Samantha get before her luck runs out!?

The Splat! Storm Finale: It’s been a while since we shot a Splatette! Show so to make up for the long gap between releases we decided to include Samantha’s Splat! Storm in the main release instead of releasing it separately. Samantha takes on The Splat! Storm, a relentless torrent of gunge throws and tankings to close out her Splatette! Show debut. 

Gunge Tank Cam Gungings: This download features Gunge Tank Cam footage of The Gungings taken from the perspective of the Gunge Tank Cam. 

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Complete Gunge Tank Cam Footage...

Not Just The Gungings - The Whole Show!

You can watch Samantha’s Splatette! Show from the perspective of The Gunge Tank Cam. A birds eye view. This features the WHOLE show taken from The Gunge Tank Cam. The whole show shot from The Gunge Tank Cam and not just the Gungings. You can watch this over on the Splatette! Fan Club. Please note that GT Cam footage of the gungings is included in the main show download.

Video Details: Running time 39 minutes and 35 seconds. 

Video does not include Splat! Logos as seen in the images.

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Sam's Splatette Show Cut Footage

Check out the cut footage from Samantha’s Splat! Show shoot featuring bits that didn’t make the show edit. Includes clean downs and after and pre-gungings and much more!