Season 13 Finale

Gunge Tank Pilot - Mark Anthony


Season 13. It’s been a great season and one that has helped us reached new heights with our shows and also enabled us to complete our Gunge Tank. We are wrapping up this season with the first Gunge Tank show and we are also bringing back Mark who starred in the first season 13 show. We asked our Twitter followers which season 13 model they wanted to see star and they said Mark.

Get ready. The Tank is back and things will just get better from here on in.

This show includes:

Gunge Tank interview: Mark is sat in the tank and we interview him about what he has been up to since his last shoot. We then drop the tank for the first time on Mark.

POP Quiz: We asked Mark to choose a subject for his pop quiz and then started the quiz. This Quiz features Pies and a few Gunge Tank drops.

The Splat! Balloon Gunge Tank Challenge: The famous Balloon challenge moves in the gunge tank. Watch as Mark tries to pop the balloons taken from the tank floor, all slippery and wearing nothing but Lycra. Show assistant dean throws gunge to try and distract Mark which ends with a full facial gunge tanking! 

Feet Torture: A special mini game. Mark is very ticklish and has to try and withstand a BRUTAL tickling on his feet. If he says the words GUNGE ME it’s straight to the tank for a tanking!

Quiz: Mark had one request for shoot day, that he played two Quiz games. So here is the second. This time things get extra messy with foam pies, gunge throws, custard and more!

Finale: We finish off this season 13 a wrap up interview and a massive messy finale with some awesome gungings! 

THE TANK CAM! We have also included edited tank cam footage from the camera in the Gunge Tank in certain games! 

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Video Length: 52 Mins, 02 Secs

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Also Available From This Shoot...

Mark’s Tanking Trouble Splat! Special: In this Splat! Special Mark Anthony takes on The Gunge Tank one last time. In what could be described as a Splat! Storm, Mark Anthony gets multiple tankings, bucket throws and custard pies. Mayhem to film and mayhem to watch, we kinda feel sorry for Mark but he did smile all the way through!  Video details: 10 mins 20 seconds. HD. 

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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