Season 15 Finale With Jon


Season 15 Finale

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Jon is the star of our season 15 finale. After a fantastic year on Splat, Jon was the right guest for our finale.

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About The Show

Wow! What a year and season it has been for The Splat! Show. This year has had it’s fair share of ups and downs but we feel this year the show really has been something special. We had more brand new faces than any other season before it, plenty of gunge and we also shot a spin-off show with the Jon and Friends specials. 


So who did we want to star in our last feature length show of the season? We debated long and hard but in the end we wanted to have a star who has given the show and the fans so much, not just this year, but over all the years he has been with us. So the obvious choice was Jon. Jon fully embraced the Splat! spirit when he signed on to do the Jon and Friends specials over the summer. There was only one guy who could front our season 15 finale, a show that takes the best games of the season and turns up the mess to the max. Get ready to bid farewell to season 15 in the best and messiest way possible with the worlds greatest gunge contestant! 



This Show Features…



Jon had a big year on the show so in this interview we discuss the year that was. Everything is touched upon, from The Jon and Friends specials, the appearances, his fitness regimen during his break and so much more. The interview ends with the first Gunging of the show and we are pleased to welcome back a lovely yellow Gunge number that many of you had been missing! 



Lucky or Mucky – The Last Muck

Lucky or Mucky is the game that has featured in nearly all our season 15 shows. So Jon had to play this game in the season finale show. As it’s the finale we added more mess in the way of custard pie throws for every incorrect answer and number guess. Also we think Jon might of watched Gab’s show because that Scuba suit gunging is done again here with Jon. Fill ya suit! A fitting end to a game that has been a staple of season 15. Lucky Or Mucky, you did us proud! 


Fill Ya Pants

Another game that has proved very popular during this season was Fill Ya Pants. We know many of you have been waiting for Jon to play this game so here it is. Jon very nearly completed the game and would of escaped the tank if he did not make a school boy error at the end of the game. Watch, smile and laugh at his sexy malfunction! Classic.


Foam Me Up

Foam me up was the surprise hit game that made it’s debut this season. A game that seems so simple on the outside but creates some of the messiest moments in any show it’s featured in. How quickly will Jon disappear under the foam and trigger the Gunge Tank? Has Jon ever been this messy in a single game? Thats a hard question to answer but we would say it’s near the top! 



Jon borrowed Ash’s Arsenal tracksuit for the finale wrap up gunging to mix the outfits up a little and we think you are going to love the wardrobe change. Featuring some pretty cold and funky looking Gunge our season finale goes out in the best possible way! 



BONUS VIDEO: Jon’s Splat! Appraisal 


Before we started shooting for the this show we sat Jon in the Gunge Tank for his Splat! Show Appraisal. He had a choice to hearing Pete’s feedback on how he had performed this year or simply pulling the chain to Gunge Himself without hearing the feedback. The risk was that Pete could still Gunge Jon at the end of the Appraisal if he thought Jon did not meet expectations or Pete could let Jon walk out of the Tank clean if he thought Jon performed well this year. 



Will Jon take the feedback and risk a Gunging anyway or just gunge himself to get the inevitable over with? Or will take the feedback hoping he will be allowed to escape? His decision might surprise you.


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Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Season 15 Finale

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