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Season 15

Season 15 Finale

Who else could star in our season finale than the man of the season Jon! After gunging three of his fans and friends on the spinoff series, Jon closes the season with some of the biggest and best Gungings of the year!

James T: Centre Stage

Actor and Dancer James T swaps the stage and screen for the Gunge Tank in this epic show filled with laughs and total tankings.

Stee's Splat! Show

Stee is a Gunge fan and enthusiast who we welcomed on the show with open arms. A lovely guy who enjoys the mess and actually wanted to get Gunged!

Gab's Glorious Gungings

Adult model Gabriel takes a break from his day Job for a fun appearance on The Splat! Show featuring some glorious gungings. We guess it made a nice change for Gabriel to be wearing clothes for once…

Jack The

Jack was brought onto the Splat! Show by his girlfriend. Jack does his best to avoid triggering the Gunge Tank, but with his partner in tank control it might be folly!


Ash, the builder of The Splat! Show Gunge Tank takes on his own creation again in this show. Will his creation be cruel or kind to our resident Gunge King?


Gull stars in a show filled with colourful and epic Gungings as he battles his way through the many Splat! Show challenges.


There are some guests who really just have a ball on the Splat! Show. Case in point here with Josh. Josh embraced every aspect of the Splat! Show and made his show one of the best of the season!

Jon & Friends

In the finale of Jon and Friends Jon was joined by another Jon superfan James. James used his time on the show to bring attention to various mental health issues and ensured Jon got a few Gungings along the way too!

Jason's Splat! Show

Jason is a very talented actor and loved his time on the Splat! Show. Jason shot this show as we celebrated our half way point during the season and created one of the best Splat! Shows of all time.

Jon & Friends

Jon is back for the second episode of Jon and Friends. This time Jon is joined by one of his fans. Jon Fan James tries to get Jon into the Gunge Tank. If he fails he has to take Jon’s place in the slime chamber!


Celebrity racing driver Danny leaves the race track and his muscle car behind as he sees into our Gunge Tank. He has won countless races, but will he beat The Gunge Tank?


Jon takes on his first solo Splat! Show leaving his friends behind to again take on the Gunge Tank! New games and lots of Gunge await our star in this epic show.

Marc's Messy Fate

Marc finally agrees to take on the Splat! Show after a few years of us asking. He didn’t disappoint in this spectacular Splat! Show.

Gunge It Like Aiden

Semi-pro footballer and David Beckham lookalike Aiden steps into The Gunge Tank for his Splat! Show. He enjoyed this show much he came back to take on our Halloween special later the same year.



Adam takes on his first full solo show with The Splat! Show Gunge Tank. Lots of purple gunge awaits Adam in his first solo Tank show. 

Jon Vs

Two heavyweights of The Splat! Show, Jon and Kyle, go head to head to try and avoid a gungy end in the Gunge Tank.


Tom is a talented stage actor who hails from London town. How will Tom cope from going to on stage with our Gunge Tank? Find out today!

Jon & Friends: Brett

The first of three special spin-off shows starring Jon. In Jon and Friends, Jon’s mates and fans go head to head with Jon to try and get him into The Gunge Tank. This first one features Jon’s long time friend Brett!

Boyfriend Vs Boyfriend

Benji and Jordan were boyfriends when this show was shot. Who will end up in The Splat! Show Gunge Tank more? They may love each other but will they try to get their partner in the gunge tank?