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Season 17

Season 17 Finale

Season 17 comes to an end with a show worthy of the season finale title. Splat! Star Kyle stars in this massive end of season special featuring the return of The Gunge Tank Cam and a whole host of other goodies included in the download!


Our 2019 Christmas special stars the return of Phil. Festive Phil is our biggest, messiest and most ambitious Christmas special ever and will available all year round!

15th Anniversary End

Jon, the golden boy of Splat! joins us as we mark the end of our 15th Anniversary year. 

Dan Vs

Splat! Superstar Jon and is joined by his younger brother Daniel for our massive mid-season special! 

Kes GungingHam

Kes makes his Splat! Show debut in Kes Gungingham. Get to know about this talented male model and watch him take on the messy Splat! Show Gunge Tank!

Ash's Final Splat! Show

 After years of on-screen presence, Ash stars in his final feature length Splat! Show. Ash’s final show features some of the biggest and most colourful gungings so far this season. Do not miss Ash’s final feature length Splat! Show.

Adam Get's Dumped

 In Adam’s last ever Splat! Show release he gets the Dumping Ceremony. A special format for our Splat! Stars when they retire from their Splat! Star roles. Do not miss Adam’s final ever Splat! Show appearance!


 Rhys returns to the Splat! Show to have a go in our Gunge Tank. This is for all the Rhys fans out there!


 Our next season 17 feature show features the return of Gabriel and this time he is joined by his brother Uriel. Who’s ready for some sibling rivalry with a messy twist?

Oliver Star Runner

 In our second of two special s17 launch shows, Oliver, who wants to become one of our regular “Splat! Stars” takes on the Gunge Tank. Does he have the Splat! Show X-factor? Let us know!


Marvellous Marius

The first of our two season 17 launch shows stars the wonderful Marius who makes this launch show something special and totally Marvellous!

Adam & Jon: The Final Battle

 In this pre-season 17 special, Splat! stalwarts Adam & Jon  come together for their final ever head to head show. Who’s gonna win the final battle!?