Shoot Delay Notices

Splatette: Danielle Shoot Delay Notice

UPDATE: Wednesday 3rd May. Danielle Changes

We have now completed our shoot with Mykaella who stepped in and replaced Danielle.

Please read the full update regarding this change below.

Original Update: Thank you for your patience. 

We are now are in a position to update you on Danielle’s delay.

Unfortunately it looks like Danielle will not be well enough and have enough free time to slot in a new shoot in a time frame we feel is acceptable.

We have now replaced Danielle with another one of our castings. We will be shooting with Mykaella in place of Danielle on May 1st.

Danielle has told us that she would like to shoot with us later in the year.

Please read on below for further details and how this change affects you.

Why Have You Replaced Danielle?: Danielle is currently ill and she does not have any free time within the next three weeks to make a shoot with us. Instead of having you wait we have decided to replace Danielle with another one of castings in her place.

We still plan to shoot with Danielle later this year. 

What Will Happen To My 2-4-1 Order?: You will be sent Mykaella’s Splat! Storm in place of Danielle’s Splat! Storm. This forms part of the 2-4-1 Splat! Storm offer. The other Splat! Storm with Megan is unchanged.

We intend to shoot with Danielle later in the year. We will also send you Danielle’s Splat! Storm at no extra charge once this has been completed as compensation for this change and delay with Danielle. This means you will now get three Splat! Storms for one.

What Will Happen With My Gunge Tank Vote: Mykaella has now taken the place of Danielle in this Gunge Tank Vote. If you ordered the Gunge Tank results via Megan’s button then you don’t need to do anything.

If you purchased the results video via Danielle’s button then you have two options. You can either keep your vote for Danielle which will now as a vote for Mykaella or you can email us here and change your vote to Megan. 

No matter which button you used to order this Gunge Tank Vote results video you shall receive the results featuring Megan and Mykaella.

Why Have You Done This? We did not want to delay the planned shoot with Danielle any longer than necessary and keep you waiting. As Danielle is not in a position to shoot with us for a while we did not want to have you wait longer than we think is reasonable . We have been working with our casting leads since this delay occurred and we hope this change and outcome is satisfactory.

Danielle Is Still Due To Shoot With Us & Compensation: As previously stated, we plan on shooting with Danielle later in the year. Customers who ordered the 2-4-1 Splat! Storm offer will now also receive Danielle’s Splat! Storm at no extra change along with Mykaella’s  and Megan’s Splat! Storms.

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