Special Editions

Splat! Special Editions

We are introducing Splat! SpecialΒ Editions of our main feature showsΒ starting with Louie and James’ Splat! Shows.

Splat! Special Editions will be an extra option and will join the standard download offering but will be bundled with extra content that won’t be available in the standard edition of our shows. These special editions will launch along side the standard editions and will be available for a limited time. We will be testing this feature out with Louie and James’ shoots later this month and see how they perform. Please read on below to learn more about Splat! Special editions and what they offer compared to our standard releases.

What is a Special edition?

Splat! Special Editions of our feature length Splat! Shows will feature the following:

The main edited feature length Splat! Show presented in true 4K quality.

A HD version of the same show. This is the standard edition of the show.

Splat! Plus + Content of all the games and Gungings featured in the show. 

Complete Gunge Tank Cam Footage from the whole show shoot (including any pre-shoot feature or and Gunge Tank Vote)

A Splat!ography Picture Pack

Cut Footage from the show that is not featured in the main show edit.

Special editions may also feature other exclusive content. This will be outlined on the show pages.

Special Editions of our shows will be priced at Β£19.99 which is a slight and modest increase over the standard edition price we have been offering for nearly 20 years now. For only just an extra Β£3.49 you will be getting all the extra content outlined above in your download.

Auto Downloads will be priced at Β£21.50 and for that extra Β£3.90 you will be getting all the extra content bundled with your download.

Both those extra prices are less than buying a picture pack, Splat! Plus + content or joining the fan club if you also buy the standard editions of the shows.

Time limited: Splat! Show Special Editions will be time limited and will be available at the same time as the standard editions of our shows are released. They will initially be available for one month after release, but this may change in the future. 

Content bundled with special editions will then be released across the site and fan club as they have been done in the past. Splat! Special editions mean you can save by getting all the content in one package instead of paying more for the same content. 

What About Standard Editions?

The standardΒ editions of our shows will still be available and will be available from the same point as our specialΒ editions are released.

The standardΒ editions areΒ presented in HD and feature the edited show only as they have done since we started.Β 

There will be no price increase for our feature length shows, maintaining their usual price of Β£16.50 (Β£17.60 for auto downloads) even though the cost of producing our show has increased steadily since we started nearly 20 years ago.Β 

Giving you more Options

You maybe asking why we are doing this, and that is a very goodΒ question to ask. We’ve told you that we haven’t increased our prices since we started nearly 20 years ago, even though the cost of producing the show and running site has increased over the years. We hope enough people will take advantage of our specialΒ editions so we don’t have to increase the prices of our content. As lined out on this page, the price increase we haveΒ applied to our specialΒ editions is modest and you will be saving if you usually buy a show and some of the add on contentΒ separately.Β 

If you justΒ enjoy our shows like you have always done, then nothing is really changing as we haven’t applied aΒ price increase to our standardΒ editions and content will still be available and pricedΒ separately.

We also want to give you the best content we can and present it in the highest possible way while adding moreΒ value. 4K versions are great but take upΒ a lot of space too, that is why we recently removed some content on the site inΒ preparation for this new feature.

All content bundled with our specialΒ editions will be made availableΒ separately like it has always been, but we are giving you the option to spend a little more and save if you buy more than just theΒ standardΒ editions.Β 

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