Splat! Show Live Feed

Splat! Show LIVE is our Live Streaming service that is available to Splat! Fan Club members as part of their monthly membership. Splat! Fan Club members can watch selected Splat! Show commercial shoots live.

Upcoming LiveStreams

Upcoming Live Feeds

No upcoming Live Feeds Planned

Timings are estimated start times. These may change. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for the latest start times. Please note that times listed are UK times.

Livestreams are subject to change without prior notice and is service dependant on our third party parter in which we have limited control.

Please note that Splat! Show Livestreams may contain adult language. While every effort is made to avoid such language use, we cannot guarantee it due to the live aspect of the streams.Β 

How To Watch live!

Watch Live Via the Splat! Fan Club

Splat! Livestream is only available to Splat! Fan Club members. You need to be a current club member to access any Splat! livestream.


Join The Splat! Fan Club Here To Watch Splat! Live

Live Stream Technical Help

Live Stream Technical Help

We use a third party service to provide our Splat! Show Livestreams and while we make every effort to keep the livestream running, there are certain things we cannot control.Β 

If you are having trouble connecting to the livestream, please refresh your browser until the livestream image appears. Sometimes it can take a few refreshes for the livestream to work.

If you see the flashing hearts for more than oneΒ minuteΒ while trying to access the livestream, pleaseΒ refreshΒ until the livestream comes thorough. Β 

We will post live stream updates to our twitter feed during a shoot but please bear in mind we will be unable to answer any technical questions while a shoot is in progress.

Please note that the livestream may go on or off during a shoot. This is normal. We will let you know via ourΒ twitter feedΒ once the livestream has ended.

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