Splat! Switch

Splat! Switch

Splat! Switch 

With Splat!! Switch you can create your own bespoke Splat! Show by picking five scenes available from Splat! Split The cost for Splat! Switch shows is the same as our feature length releases. 

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How To Splat! Switch

To use Splat! Switch, you first need to think about which five segments you would like your bespoke Splat! Show download to include.

You can choose five segments from the content available for Splat! Split. See all available content here.

After you have decided which five segments you would like your bespoke download to include, you then need to buy a Splat! Switch pass. 

After you have purchased a Splat! Switch Pass, email us using the link below with your five requested downloads. Please include the email address you used to pay when you contact us.

Your request will be processed and you will be emailed your download within our usual time frame. We cannot offer Automatic Download for Splat! Switch. The team will put together the download for you.