Halloween 2020

Halloween On Splat! 2020

Welcome to our Halloween On Splat! 2020 Hub!

Open from October 1st to November 1st our Halloween On Splat! Hub is your place to enjoy this spooky time of year with us!

Get our New Halloween Feature Show for 2020!

Our 2020 Halloween Splat! Show is here and it features Splat! Star Kyle. Download the show before our Halloween celebrations end on November 1st to save and get a freebie! Check our Halloween Costume extravaganza today.

Halloween Gunge Bobbing with Lucas

Ready for our first brand new Halloween Splat! Content for 2020? Good because we have some classic Halloween Bobbing with our latest guest, Lucas! 

Halloween Slop Bobbing with Lucas

Halloween Slop Bobbing with Lucas: You didn’t think we would let Halloween pass without some new content did you!? Halloween is one of our favourite seasons here at The Splat! Show and we always try to get something new out for you all, even during this challenging year. Who fancies some Halloween Gunge bobbing with Lucas? Watch as Lucas goes bobbing hoping to get the ten balls out of the halloween goop before the tine runs out. If he fails he gets a Halloween coloured gunging…if he wins…well it is halloween…


Preview Halloween Slop Bobbing with Lucas

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Check Out Lucas's Other Splat! Show...

Bitesized Halloween Fun with Benji!

Last years feature length Halloween Special with Benji makes a return…but this time in Bitesize spooky chunks. Benji’s Halloween special was only available as a feature length release for last year only (made very clear at the time) and this year can be experienced in bite sized chunks! Each release is just £5.00 for manual downloads and £6.10 for automatic downloads. You can buy directly from this page. There is also one part for Splat! Fan Club members too! 

Benji's Trick no treat Gunging

Benji’s Trick No Treat Gunging: Benji makes his final return to The Splat! Show for our Halloween SplatOween special. Watch as we catch up with Benji and then see him get not one, but Two Gungings in this all tricks and no treats trip into The Splat! Show Gunge Tank!


Preview Benji's Trick no treat Gunging

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Benji The Bloody Vampire!

Benji The Bloody Vampire: What’s Halloween without a little dressing up!? Benji is dressed as our cheeky Vampire in this quiz all about Halloween! Benji’s is blasted BLOOD RED Gunge for each incorrect answer. Can Benji the Vampire get more questions right than wrong to avoid the nasty black Gunge!? Watch out for that bucket of Halloween Slime too!


Preview Benji The Bloody Vampire!

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Benji On The Splat! Rack!

Benji On The Splat! Rack: The Splat! Rack makes a return just for Halloween! It’s considered a little too extreme for our normal releases but is perfect for Halloween! Watch Benji on the Splat! Show Halloween Splat! Rack!


Preview Benji On The Splat! Rack!

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Benji's Halloween Spider Splat! Storm!

Benji’s Halloween Spider Splat! Storm: Of course the famous Splat! Storm is here for Halloween and this time Benji is joined by a spooky guest for this storm. A Spider. Can you see it!? We wouldn’t blame you if you can’t see the poor spider under all that hallow Gunge that is thrown in Benji’s direction! Don’t miss our most terrifying Splat! Storm to date!


Preview Benji's Halloween Spider Splat! Storm

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Benji's Halloween Balloon BUrST!

Benji’s Halloween Balloon Burst! Splat! Fan Club members can watch Benji’s Halloween Balloon Burst over on the Splat! Fan Club. Streaming now until November 1st!


Preview Benji's Halloween Balloon Burst

View On The Splat! Fan Club Until Nov 1st

Dress Up with Power Ranger Kyle!

It’s not Halloween without a bit of dress up right!? So enjoy this special with Kyle dressed as a power ranger trying to escape the Gunge Tank before the evil toxic waste is released!

Halloween Dress Up with Kyle!

Halloween Dress Up With Kyle: In this special dress up special, Kyle the Power Ranger has to try and escape The Gunge Tank before some evil Toxic waste is released! Will our Power Ranger in peril escape!? Originally included as part of a package but now available as a single release for the first time! Available until November 1st. 


Preview Kyle's Power Ranger Dress Up!

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Gunko The Clown Spooks The Fan Club!

Splat! Fan Club members can stream Gunko The Clown and Jon’s Halloween special until November 1st!

Gunko The Clown And Jon!

Gunko The Clown with Jon Halloween Special: Splat! Fan Club members can stream our 2016 Splat! Show Halloween special until November 1st. Gunko the evil clown (played by Joe) terrorises Jon in this unique Splat! Show for Halloween!


Preview Gunko The Clown and Jon

Watch Over On The Splat! Fan Club

Grab Yourself a TREAT! On us!

GAME: Halloween Gunge Cauldron Hunt

Game – Halloween Cauldron Hunt: We have hidden five spooky gunge filled Halloween cauldrons around the website. Hunt them down using the five clues below and then email their locations to us and if you get them correct you will be sent a free video for your trouble! You will be sent Jon’s Balloon Pop Challenge Set By Gunko The Clown (pictured below).


Clues to Find The 5 Gunge Filled Cauldrons

1: The Page For The Stars

2: The Gunge Tank Builders Last Hurrah

3: Starred In ITV's Survival of The Fittest

4: Dance To The Gunge Beat

5: A One sided Brother Battle