Split! & Switch!

Splat! Split & Switch

Splat! Split 

With Splat! Split you can download individual  scenes from our feature length Splat! Shows from just £5.00. Feature length Splat! Shows are eligible for Splat! Split two years after their original release.  Please note that it is cheaper to buy a full length Splat! Show instead of buying each scene from the same feature length Splat! Show using Splat! Split. 

Splat! Switch 

With Splat!! Switch you can create your own bespoke Splat! Show by picking five segments from Splat! Split for the same price as our edited full length Splat! Shows. To get started with Splat! Switch, please click here. 

We are in the process of adding content to Splat! Split & Switch: Check back daily for latest additions. 

Splat! Split & Switch Content Availability Requirement

Content available for Splat! Split and Switch is determined by the length of time since the full feature length show was released. Only shows that are over two years old will be considered for Split and Switch. Please also note that content featured on Split and Switch will not feature in any sales or promotions but the feature shows in which they feature may do so. Not all shows will be Split and Switch enabled.

Splat! Storms, Splat! Specials, Gunge Tank Votes, Club Content and Splatography will not feature on Splat! Split and Switch.

You can find out when a feature length Splat! Show will be considered for Split and Switch via the show description towards the bottom of each page. All content can be removed at any time as per our terms and conditions. 

Please Select a Season

All scenes from s14 feature length Splat! Shows are now available for Split & Switch

All scenes from s15 feature length Splat! Shows are now available for Split & Switch

All Season 16 feature length Splat! shows are now eligible for Splat! Split and Switch. We are currently adding Split and Switch scenes from these shows.
Please check back regularly.