Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream

Steve's Gunge Tank Dream


This is our third of four season 14 launch shows and we are making a dream come dream for one of our models. Steve is a gunge fan and hot male model and shot with us last year. When he heard we had a new Gunge Tank he wanted to shoot with us again so he could get gunged in the Tank. Well, we like to make dreams come true so we shot this HOT show for a very HOT model with Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream! 

This show includes:

The Gunge Tank Countdown: We welcome back Steve back to the Splat! Show with a catch up interview in the tank. The tank is timed to drop his first Gunging when the siren sounds. When will it sound? Only we know! Watch Steve worry about the impending gunging! 

Splat! Balloon Gunge Tank Challenge: We are doing this game with every model this season. Each model has to try and pop 5 balloons by sitting on them within the time limit. All models will go on a leader board and the winner will get a very special prize. Check out the leader board (coming soon)

Gunge Tank Quiz: It’s Quiz time for Steve as we show off his hot body in a very fetching pair of blue speedos! How messy and gungy will Steve get in this quiz!?

Lucky or Mucky: This old Splat! game is back as it’s perfect for the tank. For each wrong answer that Steve gives he has to pull on one of the cords, many are fake but one is connected to the Gunge Tank. Will he get to the end of Quiz before he pulls the hidden gunge tank cord. The burning question is, will Steve be lucky or mucky?

Three Tank Finale:To finish off Steve Gunge Tank dream we drop three very different Gunge Tanks on him. The first is a very smelly and cold Gunge drop, the second is jelly gunge with normal gunge mixed in and the final one is water, gunge and all other nasty bits added. One of the most Splat!actular Tankings so far this season! 


Video Details

Video Length: 51 mins and 41 secs. Help playing videos.

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Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

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