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Ordering and Watching Q and As

Q: I have just placed an order for one of your Splat! Show videos, what happens next?

A: If you have just completed an order then you can expect to hear from us very soon. We now offer two options for downloading. Either Automatic downloads which are priced slightly higher to cover the costs of Automatic downloads as we are charged per download and we offer manual downloads which are priced lower as they there are no charges to send these.

AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS: These are sent to your email address straight after you finish ordering. If they don’t arrive then please email us at splathq@gmail.com 

MANUAL DOWNLOADS: These are not sent straight away but are usually sent within a few minutes to an hour after ordering. Please allow 12 hours to pass to contact us if you are still waiting for your download.

Q: How do I play my videos?

A: Most of our videos are encoded into two formats. Our earlier videos, say from the early seasons, are encoded using Windows Media format. These videos will play on any PC or Mac. In our newer videos we provide two formats, a Windows Media format and a MP4 file that provides high resolution video. Again these can be played on PCs and Macs. The advantage of the MP4 files is that can be played on many Ipods and Iphones. If you are having trouble playing any of our videos, please contact us via email at splathq@gmail.com

Q: I downloaded my videos but I have since lost them. Can I re-download them?

A: It is your responsibility to keep the files you download safe. While we do sometimes re-send videos but this is only done on rare occasions. We do not have the man power or time to resend videos.

Q: Can I share and repost the videos I downloaded?

A: No! Reposting the videos you download from us will have a serious negative impact on our ability to keep the site running and produce new material. We kindly ask you do not post any of our material on other websites, on YouTube for example and that you don’t share any of your files.

Q: Tax Questions: Will I have to pay VAT on my purchase?

A: As a UK based business we do not charge VAT on customers in the UK as we are under the UK threshold. We do however have to by law, pay VAT on orders from certain countries outside the UK. We do not charge you extra for this as the price you see listed on the site is inclusive of VAT. We use the IP address we collect when you order to establish your country of origin to ensure we are paying the right amount of VAT to your country.

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