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Gaberiel takes on the Splat! Fan Club exclusive video feature in Flans From The Fans!

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Check out the cut footage from Gaberiel’s show including clean downs and off camera banter!

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Gabriel Phoenix is one of the country’s hottest adult stars (and he has the awards to prove it) but from the moment he entered Splat HQ it was clear that his personality was just as big as his… trophy ;)  This is probably Splat’s liveliest shoot in a long time, with pies and innuendos flying and language occasionally as colorful as the gunge.  Gabriel’s made a big impact in his scene and something tells us he’s about to become quite big in the gunge scene as well!


This Show Features...

The Interview:

Gabriel’s never been gunged before, so whilst he awaits his first tanking, we ask him about his life, his job(s) and just how do you juggle his work and the rest of his life?  We found it impossible not to like Gabriel from the moment he opens his mouth (and his life) and when the cord is finally pulled… well, we think it’s clear that Gabriel is going to be up for anything and a real Splat star.


Lucky or Mucky:

Season 15’s traditional game… only it doesn’t quite go to plan! However, the new rules that are hastily put in place give James a chance to ramp up the tension and Pete a chance to see how far Gabriel’s general knowledge extends.  And the eventual tanking has quite an effect on Gabriel in the surf suit!



Won over by Gabriel’s charm, and acknowledging that maybe general knowledge isn’t his strong point, Splat’s generous enough to let the star select a specialist subject.  Just how well does Gabriel know his movies?  Enough to avoid the custard and the pies?  And this time round, he’s not going to get away with misbehaving in the tank once the gunge flows.  But secretly, we think he really likes it by this stage!


Foam Me Up:

It’s back to general knowledge which pretty much guarantees that Gabriel’s about to disappear under a mountain of foam… and that’s before he realizes a lot the questions are on the subject he really doesn’t know much about! Watch out for an impromptu impression towards the end and Gabriel struggling to talk with his mouth full of foam!


Farewell Interview:

You’ll notice that Gabriel doesn’t even start this interview clean, but you’ll have to join The Splat! Fan Club to find out what happened after Foam Me Up to leave him in such a messy state. Whilst he’s messy though he gives his feedback on his first day of gungings, tells us who he’d like to share the gunge tank with (you wouldn’t guess in a million years) and vows that he’ll get revenge on Josh (yes, THAT Josh) for putting him up for this.  And yes…. It ends in the very traditional Splat style!

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